Cam’ron got computers ‘putin yesterday (May 19) with a Q&A on Reddit that showed off his sense of humor and his knack for brevity. The Dipset co-founder took a quality over quantity approach to the Smokers Tour-sponsored exercise, answering around 20 questions before moving on with his day.

His appearance was praised for its realness by some users, but others were disappointed by how short it was, with one commenter suggesting that it be added “to the list of worst AMA by rappers people really wanted to get to know.”

In response to a comment that asked five distinct questions, Cam simply stated, “Those that know dont tell Those that tell dont know,” quoting either Do The Right Thing or a Zen proverb.

Still, there are enough gems for this article, and hey, at least Killa Cam posted some new music that features him and Juelz Santana.

Here are some of the best answers from Reddit. Check the full thread for more.

On how him, Dame Dash and Monica Lewinsky ended up in a photo together

“I dont get my dick sucked and tell”

On which aquatic animal he would domesticate

“Im not into beastiality”

On how to get “a fatty like Juju”

“Just [prayer emoji]”

On the possibility of a full-length collaboration with Juelz Santana?


On how much of Karen Civil’s story about him was true


On if we’d get more music from him and A-Trak

“Havent seen each other in a while but ill be releasing one of the songs i have on the computer.”

On whether Bill O’Reilly spoke to him during the commercial break of the viral “You Mad” interview  

“No Bill o’Reilly didnt talk to me during break”

On how to pick up a lady that you have a date to get frozen yogurt with

“Put the yogurt on her lips and tell her thats how i wanna see you later”

On which NBA player he’d compare himself to

“The 93′ jordan”

On the legitimacy of the voicemails on Purple Haze

“Yeah them shits all real”

On how to cop a pink fur coat

“Be your self”

On his Top 5 albums of all time

“Kool G Rap Road to the riches , Mobb Deep Infamous , Nas Illmatic , Twista Adrenaline [Rush], SDE Camron”


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