Martin Shkreli has proven time and time again to be Hip Hop’s leading non-rapping shit-talker. Like a true villain, one can tell that the New York native is getting a kick out of the exchanges he’s had with Wu-Tang members RZA and Ghostface. Tony Starks himself entered Shkreli’s crosshairs after calling Pharma Bro a “shithead” and copped the idea that Once Upon A Time In Shaolin should be owned by “the people.” Those Micheal Jackson nose references didn’t help either. Clearly, last year’s spat with Action Bronson was an appetizer. Mr. Shkreli responded by talking reckless about an apology and featured three masked men in hoodies threatening Ghost without a care in the world.  

The greasy talk continued today with a very special video presentation from Ghostface. Besides having the homie alongside him, he brought along three very special women including his mom who threatened to spank Shkreli. This was more than just one of Ghost’s jabs, but a poignant criticism of the current profit-driven healthcare system. That wasn’t all the slick talk available, take a look at some of the best quotes from the hilarious and honest over eleven-minute video.

“You A Fake Ass Super Villain Man”

Calling Shkreli’s masked goons Snap, Crackle and Pop while referring to him as a lower level supervillain before utilizing old Batman clips set in motion a hilarious video with some very real moments. In Ghost’s eyes, the millionaire was more Peter Pan than Lex Luthor.

“All He Can Do Is Fly Away In Front Of My Face”

Utilizing various photos of Shkreli as Pee Wee Herman and Peter Pan served to further humiliate Shkreli as someone weak. Comparing him to the boy who couldn’t grow up only grew more savage by dismissing him as a fairy.

“But you done bought a washed up rapper album for two million. Who washed up now?”

Shkreli calling Tony Stark washed up was an unprecedented level of disrespect and untrue depending on who one talks to. From Ghost’s position, has-been rappers don’t get featured on albums sold for two million.  

“My Middle Knuckle Is Bigger Than All My Knuckles On This Hand Here, You Don’t Have A Scratch”

Regardless of who has the most money, Pretty Tony doesn’t mind handing out fades to anyone willing to catch. Be warned, those hands have broken jaws and cracked skulls. Thankfully, they’re also lotioned pretty well.   

“You A Real Killa Man, But You A Soft Killa”

There aren’t any real statistics or data to link Shkreli’s pharmaceutical company policies to deaths of those suffering from AIDS. However, that same system he occupies clearly has played a role. From Ghost’s position, Shkreli just doesn’t have to pull a trigger.

“To be doing what you doing…Boy, I need to put you over my knee and spank your bumba ras clot”

Ghostface’s mother makes it obvious where the Wu-Tang member gets his brashness from. Giving Shkreli the “Whip You With A Strap” treatment just as Fishscale turns ten the year is almost poetic.

“While You’re Trying To Kill & Hurt The World, Ghostface Is Trying To Help The World”

If Wu-Tang is for the children, Ghostface is trying to help the world in anyway he can. One way is through his Wu-Goo cannabis oil. Considering that congressional meeting Shkreli had to attend where he smirked and dodged questions with legal dexterity, his goal may be counterproductive to that.   

“Martin, That’s Not Right. You Hear Me Martie”

Killah leaves the tough talk alone for a moment to get real honest and a little emotional. From rising the per-pill-price of AIDS medication to astronomical numbers felt like more of an exercise of corporate greed. For Ghostface, that just wasn’t right.

“The World Right Now Is Not Feeling You, They Hate You Bro”

From the AIDS medication hike and shady Once Upon A Time In Shaolin purchase to that congressional meeting, Shkreli became one of the most hated men in America. Doesn’t help offering Taylor Swift the opportunity to blow him for a few million. Ghostface just stated the obvious public sentiment.

“Don’t Ever Think You Can Erase Me From History, I Am History”

Ghostface has been a part of many musical classics. Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), Fishscale, Twelve Reasons To Die could all be considered albums that will probably stand the test of time. Whether or not Pharma Bro can say the same thing is difficult at the moment.