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History of the Grill

We answer the infamous question "Who Started the Grill?" Was it the South? Does having a grill mean you're tough? Where did they come from? All questions answered!


Pimp C - Pimpalation

Pimpalation is his much anticipated 2nd solo album - the symbol of his emergence from the Texas penal system. Pimp C displays a Lil Kim-like approach to the music on this one, not hesitating to leverage his release from jail into momentum.


Ray Cash: Who's Bumpin My Music?

Ray Cash - why should you be "Bumpin His Music"? Why does Ray say "Fuck Amerikkka" and how did Jay-Z influence him?


Yung Joc - New Joc City

Who is this guy? What is he about? Fortunately his debut album New Joc City is out on Bad Boy South to help us answer some of these questions.


DukeDaGod - Dipset: The Movement Moves On

To make a long story short, this mixtape is everything that is wrong with Hip Hop rolled into 17 dismal tracks. There is not one original idea; no creativity whatsoever.


Cam'ron - Killa Season

Cam'ron recently survived an attempt on his life, and is fresh-off a media frenzy surrounding his release of a diss track aimed at Jay-Z.


Capone - Menace II Society

All in all, although it certainly struggles out the gate, "Menace II Society" is not bad. But then again it certainly isn't very good. It is, however, New York to the core... whatever that means nowadays.


Big Boi Presents... - Got Purp Vol.2

What do you after your ground breaking rap duo sells 11 million copies in a calendar year? You branch out and give back - that's what.


Remembering Proof

HHDX takes this time to remember <b>Proof</b> by giving you a brief synopsis of his career and the fatal incident


Kanye's Internet Secret

Who the hell dresses Kanye West? Brian Sims gives you Kanye, Common and Pharell's dirty little internet secret


T-Pain: In Love With What???

What in the hell made T-Pain turn from a rapper to a singer and what exactly is "Hard & B"? Read to find out...


The Real Reason Cam Dissed Jay-Z

Brian Sims explores the origins behind the beef and why all signs point toward one man


Lil' Wayne - The Carter II

The good news for all you Lil' Wayne fans out there who have been waiting to hear him on something other than a typical Mannie Fresh beat, the wait is over. The self-proclaimed Birdman Jr. shines...


Juelz Santana - What The Game's Been Missing

This album shows that dude is talented; that he's more than catch phrases and clich


How to stop Hip Hop in the NBA!

Is the NBA Dress Code racist? Is it some grand scheme to stop the hip hop influence on the NBA? Brian Sims explores the possibility


A Conversation With Kevin Liles

Kevin Liles was the man over at Def Jam and is the man at Warner Music Group. Read about his opinions on Eminem, Kanye West and the industry.


Lawless Element: Soundvision

What's that Detroit underground sound that's making the asses shake? That's what Lawless Element is all about!

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