The Hip Hop Week In Review: Diggy Simmons Disses J. Cole, Nas Talks Tupac, Mr. Porter Leaves D12

Diggy Simmons lashed out at J. Cole on a diss track, while Nas spoke on his friendship with Tupac Shakur. Mr. Porter officially announced his departure from D12.

This week, Diggy Simmons directed his diss track "What You Say to Me" towards J. Cole, explaining that Cole lied about putting the smash on his sister Vanessa. He later said that he was protecting his family by recording the track, which he never intended to originally release. Nas discussed his friendship with Tupac Shakur and how circumstances kept them from settling the minor differences that they had with one another. Finally, Mr. Porter confirmed his departure from D12, explaining that Kon Artis was dead and that he wishes his former band mates nothing but the best.

Diggy Simmons Disses J. Cole, Explains Origin Of Beef

This diss came out of nowhere. At the end of last weekend, Diggy Simmons released a track titled “What You Say to Me” aimed at Roc Nation’s J. Cole. On the cut, he hinted that the origin of their issues were rooted in apparent lies Cole made about smashing his sister, Vanessa. “Heard you lying on my sis, tellin people that you hit / When your album drops I’ma hit you with your bricks,” he rapped. The teen rapper later explained that he was merely protecting Vanessa, who was supposedly mentioned on the Cole track “Purple Rain.” “It was just me sticking up for my family, that's all that it really was,” said Diggy.

Nas Reflects On Friendship With Tupac, Set To Record Songs For ESPN’s Draft Coverage

Nas was present in Hip Hop during the height of the East Coast vs. West Coast beef, but he had history with Tupac Shakur that suggested they could have been friends. During an interview with Steve Stoute at SXSW, Esco recalled meeting ‘Pac and discussing his alleged diss towards him on an Akinyele album. ‘Pac said that “Me and you are brothers” and “are never supposed to go at it,” yet acknowledged their differences. The two were supposed to continue that conversation at a later date, but circumstances kept them from burying the hatchet. Nas is also set to collaborate with Gary Clark Jr. on a new track for ESPN’s NFL Draft coverage, which will also feature “The Don” and a new cut “Train.”

Mr. Porter Leaves D12, Says Kon Artis Is Finished

Mr. Porter has officially confirmed that he’s no longer part of the Dirty Dozen. Breaking the news on Twitter, the artist former known as Kon Artis revealed that he exited D12 and that he’s got nothing but love for his former crew. "I love every moment I have shared on this planet and with the people I shared it with I will always love the legacy I was apart off#D12," he wrote. "I got nothing but love for my crew I am growing and excelling as u should as an artist i hope you all support that!" He also noted that Kon Artis had “died,” a symbolic nail in the coffin for his former persona.

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  • Mizzy Mile

    Kudos to diggy i never took him seriously til that diss track. he said sum tru shit he defendin his fam it dont matter if he rich or not dont let no1 disrespect ur fam. He a G for dat, JCole is a pussy if he dont respond in my eyes

  • Nancy

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  • Cole

    Diggy released that statement cause he knows Coles murder him if he releases a diss track.

  • Anonymous

    I'll tell Cole to diss your sister next.

    • jay

      the dude named "laughing at you" is an internet thug. the gay type of thug. the first dude was joking dude.

    • laughing at you

      An anonymous person is speaking to music celebrities on a random website about how they will address them personally. For your sake, I hope you do know them. lol

  • GodAngel

    who seen Ether the original verison leaked? Shit is hetic!!

  • Anonymous

    Digster needs to let his sister defend herself cause Cole could squash him like a bug.

    • Vanessa Simmons

      ^^ Who cares if jcole fxcked me. I needed some dxck that night. Gave him mad dome too

    • Vanessa Simmons

      ^^ Who cares if jcole fucked me. I needed some dick that night. Gave him mad dome too

    • Anonymous

      Are you serious? Obviously you don't have any sisters nor know the meaning of family. You don't let anybody disrespect your family period. I don't care what age the person is. You disrespect one of my family members it's no different than you disrespecting me. Sit down punk bitch.

  • MNM

    Bizarre > whole odd future faggots. odd future faggots jacked whole bizarre's style. #justsaying

    • Alf Capone

      that would explain why odd future blows. why would anyone wanna jack fat asses style? saying bizarre is better than odd future isnt saying much

  • Alf Capone

    bizarre made d12 not worth listening to anyway. why bother listening to the album if i have to push the fast forward button on every track cuz i dont wanna hear bizarres fat ass talk real slow about nothing

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