DJ Whoo Kid Talks 50 Cent's New Album, State Of Hip Hop

Whoo Kid gives his views on the state of Hip Hop and says that he's heard new heat from G-Unit partner 50 Cent.

BBC Radio's Tim Westwood recently caught up with G-Unit's go-to mixtape maestro DJ Whoo Kid. During the interview, Whoo Kid talked about 50 Cent's new as-of-yet untitled fifth commercial album, telling Westwood that he heard nine new songs from the Queens rapper in the last week that harken back to his 2003 debut Get Rich Or Die Trying.

"[50's] in the lab getting his reinforcements. I heard like nine crazy joints last week, so it should be a good look," Whoo Kid said. "He better come with it, and from what I've heard, I assume he will. In my format of bootlegging music and putting [music] out there, what I heard was serious [music]."

Whoo Kid also discussed his views on the state of Hip Hop music at large. The G-Unit DJ said that he feels that the focus in Hip Hop has been overly geared towards young kids that just want to party. At the same time, he took the time to also take aim at 50's former verbal sparring partner Rick Ross, saying that he's an overzealous facsimile of gangsta rap. 

"The state of Hip Hop is for the kids: dance music, snapping, and occasionally gangsterism," he explained. "The gangsterisms [of today] are not defined as reality. It's like they're in a movie, like Scarface...would you believe Rick Ross is gangster from his music? There's no focus in Hip Hop, but it's cool. It's fun for the kids, everybody's happy."

The full interview can be seen below.

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  • Anonymous

    You haters got to shut the fuck up 50's music is tight there is no rapper that is as good as him today ( other then young jeezy, Lloyd banks, and mobb deep) all you kids listening to shit like drake and eminem is shit now that he went crazy mainstream

  • jr88

    yeah 50 was the last real dude to enter the its just alot of rappers with fake stats... there is nothing wrong with singing...drake is dope its just that he sings waaaaaay too much...remember when artist use to have like 3 or 4 rnb joints on there albums? its the other way around

    • The truth

      Not true, 50 Cent is not being investigated for murdering "Hommo". It was Lil Kim's former boyfriend's crew who killed him. Ironically, he pointed a gun at 50 and the others in G Unit after 50 dissed Lil Kim. The whole G Unit were probably shook, I can't blame them, I mean they murdered the guy who almost murdered you. 50 is not as tough as you guys make him out to be.

    • Anonymous

      please stay of the internet^^^the nypd is still investigating 50 cent for the murder of daryl "hommo" barnes the guy who shot 50 internet geeks are funny

    • Anonymous

      50 was the last real dude?are u fucking kidding me?the dude that hides behind precincts and off duty cops...the dude that did a shock program instead of jail?the dude whose whole existence now is net banging with stupid comedic videos?come on b...come back to eath for a sec...fif jacked Ja's whole style and then ran with it...the dude is a fraud..he even jacked his name from a street official gangster...smfh

  • blammerman

    all the rozay fans are bitches it's that simple.

  • Anonymous

    i dont like who kid because he dick ride 50 to much that one im not believeing him about the 9 track he heard i will see for my self if there hot but he right hiphop today is for kids who just like to party it really soft and clubby it pretty much the same as disco if you ask me every body want to sing on there own record,make song for for or about woman,and have r&b artist on there song every body who commercial is selling out so i,ll stick to the artist who havent gone soft

  • lexx

    its like this ppl, old white men force younger men to do very hard work to the point they dont get hard no more to try to take our girls our age its been happening in white clubs hooters. ect. and they try to pay them for sex and they have all these bouncers and make young guys get steriod up just to protect their evil ways spread the word.

  • Anonymous

    "The state of Hip Hop is for the kids: dance music, snapping, and occasionally gangsterism," he explained. "The gangsterisms [of today] are not defined as reality. It's like they're in a movie, like Scarface...would you believe Rick Ross is gangster from his music? There's no focus in Hip Hop, but it's cool. It's fun for the kids, everybody's happy." QFT PLEASE EVERYBODY START BUMPING SOME UNDERGROUND HIP HOP

  • El K Wil


  • David Peralta

    50 was crazy dude! The last real rapper to do it. Makes me sad to think its change so far. At least we still have Jay-Z and Eminem.


    I think 50 need to wait but he good for 2-3 million that's all but we do need cause other then jada and jeezy rap is ass.

  • Famous rapper

    50 Cent fucked hiphop and himself up. He's the reason we care so much about sales and soundscan, he's the reason rappers started making records specifically "for the club", he's the reason people lost respect for us. He set hiphop back with all of his bad trends.... Ever since he came out he's been acting like a little bitch. Making disses to people for little to no reason and just being an ass in general. He isolated himself because he thought he would never need anyone...He thought he would never not sell records..But now look him. Stuck in a rut with no one to help him but 3rd rate R&B singers like Lloyd and Jeremiah. lol He went from selling a milly first week to his label not even allowing him to put his shit out! And in only a couple of years.... Now he's trying to start fake campaigns about feeding kids in Africa and anti-bullying books just to get on TV...He doesn't give a fuck about all that. The biggest bully co-signing an anti bullying book is like Osama writing an anti terrorism book...It's absurd. But I guess that's what you do when your career is on your last legs and you money is running low. You try to become a pop culture figure like snoop dogg....I would say a 50 Cent reality show is coming but the dude has no life, no girl, no friends to put on it...Besides Yayo and Banks who don't even really like the dude.

  • ThisGuy585

    I've said it 1,000 times before, and I'll probably say 1,000 times more before this moron gets it through your head. CURTIS- THIS IS KARMA. Your hard-headed self came into the game, dissed everyone, thus breaking up all sorts of unity within hip hop- fans and artists alike- and you damn near single-handedly destroyed the genre, and the culture. And now look at you. You're done. You've been irrelevant for damn near 3/4 of a decade, and the more you insist upon yourself, the more pathetic you look. You either need to hang it up, or make one major apology. The only fans you have left are the ones who are as bitter, stupid, delusional and tunnel-visioned as you are. That is all.

  • Anonymous

    When are you wack...err...fake real gangstas gonna learn...hip hop doesnt need u! now that the white kids arent buying ur ish any more...u guys r irrelevant! look at whoo kid tryna diss one fake gangsta for another. 50'S CAREER IS DEAD IN HIP HOP!! You "gangstas" need to find a new fad to rap about...hopefully yall stay dead for a minute so we can resurrect real HIP HOP!!

  • Anonymous

    all you have to do is look whos hot and on top right now all fakes and soft niggas that just proves it

  • Anonymous

    xbox shooters need to get off 50 dick.let me kill your mother and let me try to murder you and lets see how strong you are then you weak cracker ass motherfuckers

  • Anonymous


  • nana

    i mean come on..d last group of people i expect to be discussing hiphop right now is anybody from the g-unit(R.I.P).them dudes dont exist anymore.i think they could only talk about hiphop when they are relevant again.this dude is a clown. hiphop is for kids?? thanx to songs like CANDY SHOP,T.O.S,JUST A LIL BIT etc all by 50 cent.because we all know kids love CANDY right?? and its only 50 CENT and G-UNIT who know where the CANDY SHOP is

  • Anonymous


  • Yacob

    So Drake and Big Sean are gay because they have sing-y hooks? That would make 50 Cent the gayest rapper alive. He been hitting harmonies since he stole Ja's style. Drake is gay for what? Rapping about women? Yeah that makes PERFECT sense. All 50 ever talks about are other rappers, I'm sure he's hella straight. So lemme get this straight, Ross is a gangsta parody, but 50 Cent isn't? Running around photoshoots with bulletproof vests, brandishing guns on album covers lol. I like how Ross is supposed to be some complete liar, but 50's limited days of selling and being a shooting victim entitle him to talk about nonexistant crimewaves and busting shotguns in videos. Yall are some weirdos just like nutlicking Whoo Kid.

    • Dan

      yall talk about how fake 50 is and all this other crap, but havent been around him as he grew up..and for people saying he's a joke, he came in the game and got paid big money..his best album was The Massacre and all his mixtapes are better than his other albums.

    • YacobISDUMB

      Drake doesnt just rap about women. He cries about women. He raps about break-ups and heartbreaks. Drake is the kind of dude that would stay up with a girl all night gossiping about other girls. Drake is the kind of guy to fall in love after one date. Drake is the kind of dude to fall back into a basket of laundry giggling and shit. Where I come from, thats called a SIMP. Drake is soft. He got shampoo blood. Bubble bath music making ass nigga being making splash noises when he walk fam. Thats not hiphop.

    • David Peralta

      Drake is soft! Sean is soft! Ross is soft! Not the hiphop I grew up listening to and enjoying. I hate the way it is today. I hope someone or something comes along and distroys the weak guys that claim they are on top.

    • ThisGuy585

      @ Yacob, Although I will never give Drake any sort of credit, you are 100% spot on otherwise. This dude is a snitch joke who's made a career out of lying, then justifying it by trying to dig up dirt on everyone else to make himself look better. Maybe if he spent more time making quality music, instead of hating, then he wouldn't be the biggest joke in the game. You know when teenage girls are clowning on you that you're garbage.

    • Anonymous

      lmao...and soooo true!


      You are plain fucking stupid. Ross is a complete liar you dumbass, you the same type of Ross stan that will say CO has nothing to do with police. Dude went from CO to a drug lord? fuck out of here.

    • Anonymous


  • Rolly

    Y'all some lames for dissing her and you don't even have a pic. Get a life, for real. Also, 50 cent hasn't been relevant since 2004. GRODT is his best album, ever since then it went downhill and now he doing Vitamin Water ads, lol. KENDRICK LAMAR AND BIG KRIT THE FUTURE OF HIP-HOP, F*CK G-UNIT.

    • dan

      if vitamin water as a company is selling for billions, and i had 10% stock, then i'll watch you laugh at me all day while i get 4 hundred million off that

    • fcvs

      funny how you start by saying "get a life" and then hate on g-unit for no reason what a fuckin lame

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    pretty much the truth. but 50? Yo I dunno man to be honest it's not a good season to come out. niggas on some gay/kiddy pop music these days. If you aint rocking a gay friendly swag-music than they aint gon be checkin for you. Just listen to guys like drake/big sean they all have a gay vibe with their catchy hook. Ertime I listen to them I'm like these guys have a gay fruity voice. It all started with that autotune thit then niggas just started sounding gay after that. but yeah 50 you gon have to grow a Mohawk or something

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