DMX Discusses His Dislike For Skinny Jeans, Drake & Jay-Z

X admits he isn't feeling the skinny jeans movement and airs out some of today's hottest artists.

Yesterday, dropped part one of their interview with DMX, which was recorded during his current stint behind bars, and part two X holds no punches. 

Although X’s career has been derailed by his constant legal troubles, the Yonkers, New York native has a particular distaste for some hip-hop staples, including skinny jeans, "106 & Park," Drake and Jay-Z. “I’m not gonna disrespect anybody or shout anybody out, but it’s sad the shit I’m seeing here. All we got is 106 & Park in jail. And it’s like ‘Wow, this is the Top 10?’” he said, adding that he was a fan of Nicki Minaj - “I like her style" - but not so much Drake’s. “Hmmm…no comment. I don’t like Drake. It’s nothing that he did to me, He actually is talented. It ain’t nothing personal. I don’t like his stuff. He has a little wordplay here and there, but when I see him and here him it’s like—‘Money, I’m not rockin with that.’”

Next, he made clear his disgust for rappers who have shed their Timberlands and baggy jeans for fitted designer gear. “Yeah, the fucking skinny jeans and tight sweaters! Those are baby clothes. What are you shopping at Baby Gap???” he queried. “I think I’m gonna wear Timberlands until I die man. They may not be the hottest thing out, but Timbs keep reinventing themselves. Timbs is still on fire right now!”

X admitted that upon release he would like to take his music back to Def Jam, from which he was released when Jay-Z became the label’s president in 2006. According to the former Ruff Ryders member, he hasn’t spoken a word to Hov since then. “It ain’t like you gotta worry about me running up on you shooting you. It ain’t that serious,” he said. “You don’t owe me nothing. But if you want an explanation as to why it’s ‘Fuck You,' I’ll be more than happy to tell you why."

He says that the shortlist of rappers he will associate with these days includes Busta Rhymes, Cam’Ron, Ghostface, Raekwon, Swizz Beatz and Nas - who he hopes to secure as a feature on his upcoming album. And in addition to his reality TV project, he has plans to work with on a new installment of Hype Williams’ 1998 classic, Belly. “I been working with a couple of writers man where we can bring it back,” he said. “A part 2 with a crazy story. It would really just be me, Nas and Meth.”

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  • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up to the homies worldwide!

    No doubt! Fuck skinny jeans and any faggot wearing the shit. Fuck Jay-Z, Drake and many other wack fools running around in the game right now making a mockery of hip-hop culture. You know who you are, you fucking faggots!

  • Anonymous

    DMX the realest nigga in the game. He never compromised his style to fit the wack mainstream trends

  • JohnO

    The skinnys are still in, WTF BRO!!!!

  • phenom

    Fuck anybody on here who don't have faith in THE DOG. Fuck drake and Jay Z, They both are POP music artist.If anybody's had their run it Gay-Z.

  • Almar

    X Is One of the greats but dude has a hopeless future.

  • Anonymous

    DMX is such a crackhead. His best days are behind him.

  • Squalid King

    So let me get this right X, You wouldn't do a song with J Cole, Jay Electronica, Kanye West,Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean etc?? You must be buggin.. and fuck all that "I like Nikki Minaj's style", you just want to hit it.

  • Briee BanginBabez Coates

    Seems like DMX doesnt want the 90's to ever end...

    • Anonymus

      Nobody does when you're wearing 1 thru 14 Air Jordans, flights, hightop fades, snapbacks, adidas track jackets and Cazals. What have trends 90's to 2000 kids started that 90's and 80's teens ain't done yet. Technology aside.

  • DMAX

    I noticed that drake does try a little with wordplay too from the little I have heard of him...but of course he's not a lyrical beast.

  • DoRite

    just readin this story AND readin through these comments shows that minorities are headed in the wrong direction. this gay and faggot shyt is getting out of control. a HOMOSEXUAL is someone that's interested in the same sex. thats it, nothing more or less. how the hell do you label phrases and styles as being gay? i just dont understand ppl that have a problem with others expressing themselves the way they choose to yet you're fine with "street n1ggas". and can someone explain what a real n1gga is and why dmx fits into that category? he hasnt been there for his children, he wasnt really a family man (judging from the shows ive seen about him and some of his ex-wife's accounts of him), he stays in jail, constantly making a mockery of GOD (making all these religious songs but not living that life). shyt is hopeless. dont get me wrong, we all have problems and go through changes but you cant just ignore his actions and continue to lionize this dude based off of shyt he did 10yrs ago. imo what he said is fine, he wasnt direspectful it was just his opinion but gtfoh with the "this nigga real" bs. like others have said if this is whats "real" then you can keep that shyt.. live and let live.. we'd all do better by focusing on the man in the mirror..

  • AvengerXL

    On the real I don't care for skinny jeans either but I don't care if that is what the young cats rock now. They ain't for me so I just let it be. X needs to work on making relevant music and staying the fuck out of jail. Also Belly is not a classic or even worth another installment. Whats next killa season part 2 or state property even? If you got something better cool but keep that bullshit to yourself belly really?

  • Erwin Ntakirutinka

    fuck skinny jeans, seriously, they need to just disappear!!

  • Armstrong Mandla Ndamase

    fuk skinny chucks dickies white tees and a big ass chain biiiatch

  • baggyyyy

    Real men wear baggy pants.. fuck skinny jeans.

    • Anonymous

      an fuck lil boys on da side whille watchin 106 n park

    • DoRite

      a grown man taking care of his family and his business that wears skinny jeans is more of a man imo than a mufuka that runs away from his repsonsibilites no matter the attire. not sayin you of course, just sayin

  • Real Animal lover

    who cares you are old, lame, dumb and treat animals bad so retire. You were dope back in the days but now...... you probably gonna repeat yourself again and again on your new album.

  • sssssssssssss

    just read the article and seen a picture of odd future below it..hahaha..DMX is crazy haha..i cant stand the nerdish rap.mothafuckas always with the cliches about the greatest rappers of all time...pac,big,pun,big L, and so on.but they rather see electronica/rap on mtv and bet..NOT gangsta rap...?????.shit is weird.

  • Jack Monroe

    But skinny jeans are wack, keep it '94. Jigga's ill, Drake's not, and DMX was a great lyricist.

  • Jack Monroe

    At least they aint wearing just a set of pink drawers!

  • Hubert Jubberman

    DMX is too real for anyone right now! They better watch out for him!

  • Anonymous

    da tiny pants trend lowkey been dyin down thank god

  • Six

    To everyone saying DMX isn't real because he is/used to be a crackhead, seriously read what he's saying. He's real because he says whatever he feels and whatever is on his mind regardless of consequences or other people's feeling. DMX is a real nigga. He's always been this way. And yeah, wtf is up with these kids wearing skinny jeans? That shit can't be comfortable. So many tweens follow Wayne nowadays to the point where its embarrassing.

  • ark

    LOL at the kids getting upset b/c of the skinny jean comment.

  • cool

    yeah X tell em wat u feel. cant w8 4 that album.

  • Edi Kajmolli

    oh man X gtfo up outta Arizona and come take this game back co sign with drake being shit, even nikki but i guess he wanna open some lanes and try to hit it lol

  • LOL

    I agree skinny jeans is crap but baggy jeans? You mean jeans with either your boxers or ass crack showing? That's not only a terrible clothing style but I thought it was for homosexuals sighting grown men wearing clothes with their ass showing to another man. It's like fantasy for prisoners. Wear fitted jeans not skinny jeans your sister wears but ones that actually FIT you. Fuck Hip-Hop. DMX, Drake and Jay-Z are one of the few examples hip hop is dead. I only fuck with Eminem, Fort Minor, Atmosphere and 2pac nowadays. DMX was a dog killer and bad influence who has a limited vocabulary. Drake is sounds like if Atmosphere went mainstream and poppy. Jay-Z is a sell out who got owned by Nas even Nas is boring and wack aside from Illmatic. Fuck Hip Hop and fuck underground too. Especially that pro communist Immortal Technique.


  • bitchgitthefuckgoingngetdapifflit

    fuck yea my man x keepin it real, fuck dem faggy skinny jeans ass niggahs, i stay wit dem baggy shits wit stacy adams n tims, a x ghost n rae collab would be ill

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    He's just speaking real ish, so I aint mad at dat at all... And this skinny jeans craze going on is getting annoying as fuck....shit just doesn't look right... All I see are kids wearing the same shit skiny jean a tshirt and a fitted hat... Folks all look the same.... Anyway hope his album is dope as fuck.... Been waiting to hear that real ish from him....

  • Miro

    X is one of the realiest nigga in the game. He right on alot stuff. It's embarssing what i see these days how people change so quick, i remember in high school niggas used to make fun of white boys with skinny jeans and now i drop off my little brother it seems its other way around. FUCK DRAKE. I cant say i hate Hova, but X right about him too.



    • guerilla jones

      why would they respond?X is invisible,no one pays attention to old niggas who USE to have it and threw it all away on crack.If thats a real nigga then you can keep that real ish.



  • John Carter

    DMX is a Fucking legend. idk wut yall 90s babies talking about go buy his first 3 albums, study every song, and den talk shit. and try wearing skinny jean and singing gay drake autotune songs in the 90s, (WHEN THINGS WAS REAL) and see if youll last a day without being laughed at or shot.

  • So what

    DMX has a child's mind. A high profile crab in the bucket.

  • Jarrett David Grimes

    "He has a little wordplay here and there, but when I see him and hear him it’s like—‘Money, I’m not rockin with that.’” XD lmao also lmao @ that pic

  • So what

    You motherfuckers in here talking about a crackhead keeping it real. How low are your standards?

  • SuperGucciRap

    3 Homos have beef with each other to suck Nas's illuminati cock. DMX has been the homo poster boy for white suburban closet fags for years. Drake was on Degrassi. Enough said. Jay-Z sucks too. Listen to real rap like Gucci Mane, Justin Bieber and Hopsin. It's Gucci Time!

  • Anonymous

    DMX is keeping it real? How? A nigga keeping a job in this economy is keeping it real. This nigga STAY in jail. Fuck outta' here.



  • Tyler

    Cocaines a hell of a drug.

  • Keezie

    I respect him for being as real as he usually is. I just hope he lets that music talk when he gets out. It's cool to throw rocks. Just make sure you have enough to build your own castle when you're finished.

  • Anonymous

    what they wearin now?

  • jay

    jay z net worth 450 do he care if some of yall think he gay or pray to the devil.

  • Biggie

    Gays are taking over hip hop. Oh yeah peep this hot line's from my album ready to die . Girl you look so good, I'll suck on your daddy's dick

  • Samuel Snead

    Dmx was never a great lyricist but had a great delivery and went hard. I just hope he sharpened up the pen while locked up

  • ryan

    dogs just keeping it real and all use dick riding jay z and drake fans hateing fuck everyone of you dmx is my man keeps coming wit those hard tunes next album gonna be a classic

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    “Yeah, the fucking skinny jeans and tight sweaters! Those are baby clothes. What are you shopping at Baby Gap???” HAHAHA... Real Talk

  • MattyDuke

    Shouts out Nas and disses Drake. Real talk

  • real nigga

    DMX speaks for the underdogs all real niggas with no voice that are in the struggle black,brown,white,yellow ,X is that voice of realness

  • Jose Vasquez

    DMX still the shit

    • TED

      could someone please tell me what brand name or what jeans DMX is wearing in the video party up ? both jacket and pants please thanks

  • RipThaJacker

    BTW DMX had some of the gayest lyrics in hip-hop "Suck my dick! and all you niggas that been to jail before know its about to get thick" What?!

  • murdock

    Shit if they do a belly with him nas and meth im on it..I agree with his list and I feel the same way..I dont care if he has a drug problem I have family that do too and they are the most giving people ever with good minds but along the way they got fucked up..peace to DMX for staying hip hop

  • Anonymous

    DMX listen, you are where you put YOURSELF.

  • Anonymous

    DMX 4 LIFE. Don't Care what none of you say. He might've faced his shares of trials, been dealing with his own deamons, but that's why I relate to him, cuz HE'S REAL!!!

  • Anonymous


  • bluerazor

    X is a stand up brother who can really see what is hip hop and what the media the real!

  • Flames2Ash

    DMX is off with this shit, the man never released a track in god knows how long, never mind an album and then he has the audacity to hate on Drake and Jay Z and talk about skinny jeans and what not, who cares what rappers are wearing, only thing that should matter in the hip-hop/rap game is talent, not how tight jeans are.

    • onlyfagssayswag

      @flames2ash, i can tell by ya comment when you read this artile you was catchin feelins bcuz you rockin them gay ass nut huggers yo self, its all good tho, yall young niggas do you and the older niggas like my self will still dress like its 2001, enyces n tims all day everyday till i die

    • Anonymous

      shut the fuck up you hater

  • Terrence Chapman

    i mean X i respect your opinion, but you will never be hot like that again. You are no longer relevant, too many smoking crack incidents and wack ass songs you have been making, put you out the game, it's over D, just bow out, you've have your time.

  • That Nigga

    Ayo X, the fuck I need Timbs for I live in Tampa. It's hot as shit out here nigga. Fuck you size 40 jeans with no belt hanging of yo ass nigga. A nigga can't even walk in them shits, plus the sweat drippin off my balls and shit nigga. Eat a hot bowl of dicks. If I wanna dress comfortable, that's my fuckin prerogative.

    • Anonymous

      And half those kids rockin skinny jeans still wear them below their ass. Looks about as comfortable as a female walking in high heels. Is you a female.

    • My real name

      Hol' are skinny jeans comfy? lol

    • Tight shirt pants wearing faggots. Take it up the bootyhole

      Fuckin nerds wearing spandex calling it cool.

    • Anonymous

      Suck a Dick, Hater. DMX would SHIT ALL OVER YOUR FACE if you weren't some punkass kid hiding behind a computer.

  • DR Jam

    I'd love to see a new DMX project with the rappers aforementioned, especially Ghost, Rae, Busta, Nas, and Swizz. "The Year of the Dog" was such a letdown, words can hardly describe it. DMX, and Meth are some of the best rappers turned actors. So it would be great to see them reunited, along with Nas. I actually like better Meth in cameo roles on TV shows than in his comedies with Redman, they are funny, but don't showcase his acting talent. As for DMX saying who he likes and dislikes, I think it's whack. I love Earl, but seriously he needs to outgrow that mentality. Grown men speak grown men business. Saying he doesn't like Drake (which I'm not a fan either), is just food for tabloid. If he got an issue with Jay-Z, tell him, don't create distractions in the media by telling journalists. Although, I suspect it's probably the same reason as to why LL Cool J left DefJam as well. Lastly, and definitely least, the skinny jeans issue and non-Timbs-wearing is simply due to a new generation. Fashion is dynamic. Trends come and go. Sure, you may say that ain't Hip-hop, but the people make Hip-hop, although Hip-hop influences people. So it's all a matter of taste. I'm fine with him addressing that, not that it matters.

  • StaticDirection

    DMX first album released when I was 16. Now I'm 30. I haven't anticipated another DMX album for sometime now. Dude is 40 and still going to jail and cracked out talking about Tim's. Come on dogg. I grew up. So should you. And he doesn't like J ebcause J actually evolved and became a chief, a real boss.

    • Anonymous

      DMX is DMX, he isn't trying to be hard rocking this or that that cause it's in style. I feel you about growing up. Some dudes just really need to grow up. And maybe DMX does too. But don't confuse things, there are 50 year old business men who speak professionally and hold down a serious job that need to 'grow up'. It's more too it than just Tims and baggy jeans. DMX is a revolutionary, a contradiction to the system. And personally I think Jay-Z is no different from a bloodsucking corporate head. Something is fishy about that dude. in my opinion

    • Anonymous

      Who are you to Judge DMX? He's entitled to have opinions, and just because his opinions are not warped by the mainstream media, doesn't mean he ain't a Boss. Tupac went to jail, he was always a Boss. The Diff between Jay and DMX, is Jay sold out his soul to get where he's at now (do some research) and DMX ain't into business suits, cuz he's a REAL Ryder!!! Some people evolve spiritually and mentally, others stay stuck on stupid their entire life. So, DMX has flaws, WHO THE FUCK DOESNT?! Only thing I know, is that He's one of the REALEST out there. 'Nuff Said.

  • flexxxx

    does anyone really still care about what dmx has to say? This dude has been out of the game since the early 2000's how the fuck is he supposed to know whats swaggin and whats not?

    • tytry

      DMX sold 30 million albums. How many did Kanye sell? Dude getting owned by Nicki Minaj in sales.

    • grownmanhiphop

      yo flexx, music is more than money, you cant even compare dmx to kanye bcuz they totally different people, musicly and personally, so fuck comparisions dmx was locked up in this interview and is speaking his mind on the state of this newage hip pop bullshit from a random hood niggas view, why you think most of the comments from peeps is respect bcuz people relate

    • flexx

      and dude are you really comparing DMX to kanye..that must be a joke. DMX wishesssss he could accomplish HALF of what ye has done in his career. Too bad he spent half of it in jail for being a fucking retard. I was once too a dmx fan, but times change, hip hop changes, and style changes. Your raspy ass voice and repetitive lyrics aint gonna cut it anymore son!

    • flex

      lol k i was kidding about the `swaggin` point was who gives a fuck about what DMX says.

    • rubenito

      lmfao at flexxx he was probably born in the year 2000

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign, CAGE.

    • Anonymous

      "whats swaggin" i've never heard that term till now. "swaggin". wow. you kids are gay as fuck. dmx doesn't want to be "swaggin", save that for the corny gays that got into hip hop for kangay west.

    • Cage

      ^^ Thats one of the new age cats, forgive his stupidity... If this was a real hip hop site they would've banned his IP right after he used "swaggin".. Thats the exact type of faggotry X is talkin about... So what he's a washed up crackhead, he still had some valid points

  • Brian Pap

    of course im no longer a fan of anything new from X .. but he did drops some classics. Plus I gotta give the man his respect for seeing through the bullshit music these days.. Its good to know somebody that had a name knows what good music still is.. except for the nikki comment LOL

  • C-Lo Dubai

    C-Lo Dubai is nice. Grew up on DMX, he may have his flaws (he's human, moreso than most celebrities), but the fact he doesn't filter or BS interviews as admirable. Anytime he wants to make music I'll listen. If hip-hop had a HOF he's first ballot. And C-Lo Dubai is nice. Not the best, hardest,richest and all that...but he's real and the music is good. Google or Youtube him.

  • Jason704

    I guess he didn't get the memo that they already did a belly 2.

  • Mikey

    I aint no fan of skinny jeans either by the way, but you gotta admit when some shit looks fly and some shit dont, and them timbs and baggies dont look too great right now, just saying. Rappers nowadays are a bit more fashion conscious thats all. Rappers like Drake are a bit corny though and are an easy target so i dont blame X for venting. If he came out with some relevant material he would still be fire but that aint gonna happen anytime soon huh.

  • LastWordClique New Hip Hop Shit^^^^^ I feel what DMX is saying, skinny jeans...mad gay, drake complains a little to much, and I mean...Jay had to drop him, he aint make a good album in a min, but his old shit....illlllllllll

  • Mikey

    I have to admit i was a BIG fan of DMX, was knockin all his albums to death, but i guess times have changed, but at the same time, hip hop has always been diverse, even since the early 90's. And i swear hip hop heads was rockin tight clothes back in the 80's, so i just dont understand why so called gangstas claim that hip hop has always been about baggy jeans and timbs? But X is a legend in my opinion, but he just aint moving with the times, guess he wants to stay bummy looking lol.

  • JRoze

    typo last sentence of the second paragraph, you wrote here, when u meant to write hear.

  • Ben

    I agree with what he's talking about, except for liking Nicki Minaj

  • Anonymous

    I hope X get his Demons Under Controll Cuz the Dudes a Muthafucken Beast on the MIC! I love His Energy! Hes right on with the Skinny Jeans and all that Crap and im glad he aint gonna mess with wack ass Drake! Fuck HIP POP! Not too Hate On Jay z but everbody the dude came up with Hates his ass Now except who BLEEK! the Dudes a Snake Nigga! But hey every great Business Man is A SNAKE NIGGA!

    • DR Jam

      Jay is an opportunist, a succubus of what's hot. If you hot right now, he'll make a joint with you. When you ain't he ain't gonna be doing nothing with you. So many artists have fallen in popularity after collabing [sic] with Jay, it's ridiculous.

  • james

    I dont like niggas that act like there the feds and speeding while high with kids in the car or get strung out on crack/meth watever cus u got money x is just made like all the other jay z haters he is a business man and everyboy who crossed him is broke(DMX,Ja,Sauce Money,Dame,Biggs,Beans,SP,Jaz-o)and x aint been nobody since FOMO,BOMB.And who gives a shit if u like drake dats y u was watchin him on 106&Park hater. And the people he named is probally the only ones still willing to fuck wit em wat happened wit Maybach Music

    • james

      Dats the type of people who like dmx stay anonymous fuck u and fuck x dat nigga mad cus he smoked his life away real niggas aint crackheads aint nobody givin 2 shits bout him RR shouldnt put the money behind LOX

    • Anonymous

      will it sums it all up dat ur just a big POUSSY BOYYYY

  • Anonymous

    i used to really like this dude before he drop the mic and take the pipe since he only proves he is a failure and a fuck up hip-hop changes. it evolves. just like funk. funk evolved into disco and then into rap music. hip-hop is doin the same thing right now. so is the fashion style accompanying it ! people back in the days used to wear baggy jeans (mostly in the east coast cause in the west we always rocked some good ol khaki pants or a classic denim jeans), jerseys, doorag and shit, and now everybody dresses pretty well ! and im all for it ! it's fly to see the kids in the hood dressing properly like the OG's did back in the 60's and 70's ! at least it gives them a more mature perspective of themselves !

    • Anonymous

      Does not matter when he started it, it still made him a fuckin wash up. Till he actually contributes more than talk to the game this dude can barely talk shit on Mac Miller. His legendary status means nothing if he can't keep the train moving.

    • Anonymous

      u use the fag word to frequently it is suspicious it sounds like u need to prove to yourself you're a real man

    • Anonymous

      you're an idiot. dmx was hitting the crack pipe before you knew who the fuck he was. he was on that shit at his peak. you're just a bandwagon faggot waiting for the next hype train. fickle fairies. rap fans fucking suck. fall in and out of love with niggas like broads. corny. niggas hating on the peoples champ, in defense of a dying culture. rap isnt advancing, it's turning into a gay run industry.

  • Drew

    The reason why DMX hates Jay right here guys crazy! Full article Plus good music....

  • Anonymous

    Don't know DMX or Jay Z personally. Just the music, and I liked both of them. But Jay Z will eat this nigga on a mic.

  • Salty

    People can wear whatever the fuck they wanna' wear. Fuck I care? ALL YOU RAPPERS with money and an opportunity keep throwing that shit away on some STUPID shit. Jay Z making moves X and you were fucking around being a grown ass child. Nigga you had MILLIONS of dollars at your disposal, Jay Z shouldn't even be on your radar. Keep hating... in jail. Say what up to Beans while you at it.

  • Whateva

    I like Drake. Like DMX too and Jay Z. Don't care what any of them motherfuckers are wearing I ain't dating the niggas.

  • Proffesah

    I thought Meth died in Belly? Lets all hope for if not a triumphant return to music, than a good, clean life or DMX.

  • Garrett Perkins

    I wish the old DMX was back. Albums were fire back then. Hip Hop game has really changed.

  • Big Dan

    Okay one one hand, X is right about the skinny jeans. Unless you a 120 pound rocker, you should not be rocking them. That said, X really needs to do some serious inward reflecting. I'm sure Vibe did not ask him how he feels about skinny jeans, yet he is going off on 'em. He is a 40 year old man, talking about his timbs. How about your TEN kids X, how about staying off the crack when you get out? While you're knocking skinny jeans wearers, did you stop to think no group of people got got more disrespect in the hood than crack heads? Heck, I'm sure there was at least one time when you were in a crack house, you looked across the room and shook your head, like damn b, you'z some ashy ass crackhead, put the pipe down. You like quoting the bible, get off that too, since you ain't living it, so peep this.. he that is without sin, cast the first stone. Get you life right before pointing at anyone. You're a crack head and in the hood, that disqualifies you from speaking on anyone. And if you have ways to make money besides the reality show when you get out, then avoid doing the show. Ten kids by like 6 different baby mamas and you ain't taking care of them. That's just some embarrassing stuff for all of us. Plus some of these kids you've probably seen less than three times, but now you gon use them to make money. Keep it real b. Stop the nonsense. You knocking those that have giving up the timbs and baggy jeans. They on some grown man stuff now. What you know about that. Do you have a retirement plan. In twenty years, when all that crack use starts kicking you in the ass, can you pay your medical, or you gonna keep using fake names at the hospital. We need to stop the nonsense in the hood. Great music, great rapper, but right now X is just a jail bird crack head and his opinion does not matter.

    • Biig Dan

      Anonymous, where did I mention Drake in my post? Why didn't you say "BIG DAN is a BIG FAN of Jay-Z, so he had to defend his boy. and the world stopped to listen. Brain dead is someone who's spent more time in Jail than he has on the outside in the last ten years, over some dumb eesh. Real, violent criminals are spending more time in jail than X. Brain dead is a grown man who has to wear pink jail suits. Brain dead is another black man making babies all over the place he ain't supporting. Brain dead is being stupid to think anyone would believe some girl raped you AND having to cough up cash for that stupid comment. Brain dead is having grossed well over 25 million, probably twice that even, in just 5-7 years and smoking it all. If you don't think that's brain dead and if you can defend anything X has done outside of his music, then you the man. I'm a fan of X's music, but there's just too much BS in the hood that our kids are listening to and thinking its cool and that needs to stop. Rappers act like jail is cool, they promote guns like they're toys and we are holding ourselves back in a world that's fast advancing, b/c of all this ghetto nonsense. If a bunch of 14 y/os want to debate skinny jeans, more power to them. X is too old 4 that. He needs to worry about himself.

    • Anonymous

      Big Dan sounds like a Big Fag. DMX opinion doesn't count, but big dans does. hilarious. kids are fucking brain dead. BIG DAN is a BIG FAN of drake, so he had to defend his boy. and the world stopped to listen.

    • Anonymous

      @YOUR A MASSIVE FAGGOT "smokin crack >>>> dressing like a fag listening to drake" really ?!! do u really mean this shit ?? cause if it's the case there is no need to tell you who's actually the fuck face right here !


      looks like X hit a nerve with this drake loving, 106 and park watching, skinny jean wearing faggot. smoking crack >>> dressing like a fag listening to drake these bozos will shit on X and go running back to their BOB records. so advanced, so mature. kill yourself.

  • joja

    Kleider machen Leute

  • MattMX

    You know what, DMX is right on point....HIp hop for the most part is going in the wrong direction. BIg up to X, who i think was one of NY's best rappers for speakin the truth.

  • XwaitXwhatX

    HiphopDX Needs to learn to spell "but when I see him and here him" I think that supposed to be HEAR not HERE

  • Hell is Hot

    He expressed his opinion about Drake, which I happen to agree with, exactly how it was quoted here. He's talanted...but I'm all set. He has personal dealings with JayZ so you can't say sh*t. And it's very hard to find a normal-fitting pair of jeans these days. I'm not the biggest dude, but my thighs can hardly fit in any jeans, and my d**k definitely don't, so even though I'm trying to be a little more grown wit it, I have to buy oversized jeans just to FIT in them sh*ts I hope X does come back- strong- that would be hot. Took me a minute to get with X but he is dope in his way

    • C-Lo Dubai

      I gotta co-sign you and X, Drake is talented, but...a little too effeminate and kind of prissy, like a suburban girl

  • psyber

    X still tellin it like how it is. he feelin nicki cuz that ass is fat, he hatin Jay cuz hes a bitch ass sell out (google jay vs dmx freestyle battle, see who the winner was), he hatin drake cuz this dude think he usher. matter of fact, unless u a female, u should not be rockin any of dudes tracks. same goes for skinny jeans, females only. We ridin for u X, drop that next album son.

  • Nico 3

    I bet if X was making money off Drake, he'd be singing a different song. At this stage in his career, I wouldn't be putting anyone on blast. Just focus on getting your mind right and getting some good music out there. No more Belly movies!!!

  • RipThaJacker

    Not a fan of skinny jeans but wearing over-sized clothes DOES NOT MAKE YOU GANGSTER. Skinny jeans are the current fad just like baggy jeans were, and soon enough it'll be the next thing the industry decides to push to the sheeple. Most of the people that say they miss the skinny jeans and the hoodies are pretty much saying they don't wear those things anymore and are probably wearing the skinny jeans they supposedly hate.

    • RipThaJacker

      If you fools learn to read maybe you'll assimilate. Skinny jeans are silly but there is something called a fit i.e when your clothes are you size not over-sized (dmx), or undersized ("lil niggas in the hood"). The kids in the hood kill me tho because they still sag the skinny jeans and it takes them like 30mins to walk a block.

    • lptt57

      u dumb....its not about being gangster its all on drawin a line btween fashion n crap...we almost sharin same clothes with females soon enough brothers will be puttin on skirts like tht brother will.I.Am....its crazy

    • Anonymous

      these designers are FORCING this skinny jean crap. the black community looks GAYER than ever, look how lil niggas in the hood dress now. lil cheerio cut off pants at the ankle, huggin the thighs. niggas wear mohawks and big goofy non prescription glasses with bright colors. niggas is looking like faggots, no real man will ever get a mohawk and some skinny jeans. DMX in tight jeans and purple sneakers. that's funny. that's what you gotta wear to fit in, kanye made it cool to look and act gay.

  • RipThaJacker

    Of course timbs are still on fire to you, you've been in and out of jail for the past decade. P.S. DX needs educated editors

  • Big Log

    Cant front that skinny jean is that biggest Gay shit that hit hip pop, i aint feeling it either, niggas need to get off that for real, man! DMX is right on that and on 106 & Park and Drake too, at lease someone is real enough to speak on it, all that gay stuff need to stop Please.

  • dewopa

    the dog is back!!!

  • Anonymous

    what you talking bout? he's right timbs reinvent themselves, and he's goddamn right bout skinny jeans n the whole yound money crew even though he said just Drake I'm sure he has the same opinion bout the rest of the lil wayne dick riders. X coming back!

  • jae

    wel dmx is from the 90s he grew up in a dif era he ant grow up around skinny jeans hes a tuff dude so thas why he might not like drakes music but w.e i think dmx will come out with sum hot shit when he comes out,but tel u the truth i kno lotta younger chicks who dont like guys with skinny jeans also so i dont kno lol i think 90s rappers will never stop making music and still get respected by everyone 90s rappers is wat hip hop is about sumtimes its like u eaither do better than them or sit down

  • hellrazor

    FUCK SKINNY JEANS!!!! FUCK DRAKE, FUCK 106TH & PARK!!!! long live the timbs & hoodies, rawness, bravado & real hip-hop for life. God bless DMX

  • jason

    I hate skinny jeans too, but boy, this nicca stuck in the 90's. "rockin tims til u die?" LMAO, and I'm from the same era....

  • Anonymous

    x always keeps it real. unless you're drake, you shouldn't be salty about this interview. rap fell off, niggas diss the dog, is you fuckin serious? this nigga puts his all into every project, and i'll always buy a DMX album off of GP. it's been too long since we got an X album, and i know it's because the labels are soft. X records like water, through everything he goes through. he's got joints. and to the nigga saying X "wishes" he was on 106, yeah, the nigga that went plat back to back the same year is jealous of big sean and drake running faggot rap on tv. X never liked other rappers and never was afraid to say it, cuz he doesn't play politics like the rest of these bitch ass niggas. DROP THE ALBUM X. REAL NIGGAS GOT U FOREVER!

  • Alabaster Jones

    Funny how quick everyone is to condemn DMX for being honest. The reporter asked him directly what he thought about Drake etc. What's he sposed do lie and say" I'm feelin Drake he hot..." like every other gutless rapper would.. But then if you don't like something it must be coz your a hater. Dick riding sheep..


    that nigga wish he had a video on 106 homie was cool back then but time has change x shit aint the same for you NY cats

  • Jordon Beenen

    I might care more about this if X had dropped a decent album in the last 10 years.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody in here is going to be checking for DMX. Yawl get hype over an interview then click on a Drake song the next day.

  • Finally!!

    About time!! I FUCKIN HATE SKINNY JEANS!! who thinks this shit is cool? this is HIP HOP not HIP POP! baggy jeans, hoodies & tims! i just really miss the rawness of the 90's!

  • Tim

    Still like times? Maybe cause there's STILL winter dude... Times didn't pop off on music videos dummy... Kids nowadays

  • Obi Patrick

    DMX is a real ass street nigga, he knows its not in his heart to behave in the same way Drake and Lil Wayne are behaving as far as reinventing the feminist movement with skinny jeans and autotune singing, no amount of money can make a street nigga conform to such a ridiculous fad...

  • John Murray Hill

    Damn, cussing out fashion while he's stuck in the past. This dude is getting on a bit...

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    X is right, niggas now runnin around in tight jeans, kissing other niggas, shoutin no homo and doing songs wit Pink fuckin ruined hip hop. X do it big, join the movement. Rozay rippin up this game. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Doug Nichols

      God damn dumbasses hating on skinny jeans and bad hip hop and then big up Rick Ross. Make up your damn mind.

    • Anonymous

      lol you know what's so funny bout this comment? Rawse rocks skinnies too n he dickrides lil wayne too bahaha!

  • Walter

    Yo...X is the homie and all that, but...he's got to focus more on not messing up his life than what other people are doing... I dunno how you can be a fan of Minaj and think Drake is wack though...from a hip-hop perspective anyway. It's dude's opinion though, so I can't hate on it...I'd rather hear a new X track than X crying about skinny jeans and people moving on from baggy jeans and timbs (although, I thought dudes were still rocking some timbs, just not others, lol)

    • Anonymous

      because Drake's a dude n acts like a bitch Nicki's a ho that's how she's xpected to act, get it?

    • papabearATL

      The homie stays locked up, lol! I bet he can't wait for 106 & Park to come on just to catch a Nicki Minaj video! It prolly ain't got nothing to do with her musical talents...

    • GlowStreet31

      i think the only thing that dmx might appreciate from nicki is her fat ass

    • ETK

      Who says he ain't focusing on his life? He just called out Drake and shit because it said right there all they show in jail is 106 & Park. I think the reason he may like Nicki Minaj isn't down completely to hip-hop perspective, maybe he appreciates the style and demeanor she dishes out... not that I do, I'm just sayin some are warmin up to that style lmao

  • Anonymous

    everybody n dey mama still like timbs idk y doe haha

  • Anonymous

    Love it x bring it back

  • Real Shit

    Damn who gives a fuck what dmx thinks. He smokes rocks it's fuckin crazy. hip hop dx always has these old ass rappers that fell off givin their opinions on shit. Suck a dick n die already.

  • Anonymous

    nas is the worst rapper actor of all time.

    • Anonymous

      Couldn't said it any better.

    • comachonvargas

      LOL @ ANONYMOUS/HOV You lames still salty cause Nas and X remain street and really did a pretty decent job in Belly [kind of a cult classic]... who you expect Nas to be? De Niro or Downey Jr? Lol... and Nas worst rapper? Clearly a Jay fan who still smarting cause Esco obliterated your fav rappers street credibility and exposed him as the big-lipped, disloyal, flow/lyric jacking, unoriginal, Nas stan that he always has been... Guess what: you can't cry cause someone didn't let you have a feature on their album, sample their voice, and turn around and diss them claiming their album was wack... and how about J as an actor? Remember state property? LAME... its alright though J has come on strong since his retirement right? HOV FANS STILL DREAMING ONE

    • hov

      u mean worst rapper right?

  • Do You!!!

    Goddayhum!!! This is like deja vu. DMX coming out of jail talking about what other cats is doing. I remember a song that X might need to remember he wrote...Do You!!!

  • Anonymous

    Legend of the fall offs. pathetic.

  • Lit

    If he'd put on something besides hiking boots and baggy jeans he might have better chances of actually running away from the police. As for his shortlist of potential associations...I guess those features are cool if you want to make just enough money for your drug habit. Since when does it make you a man do be put in jail over and over again? Handle your business, kick the drug habit, and stay out of jail; that's what real men do. He claims to be a real man yet he's trying to be a fashion critic.

  • Sensaye252

    I hate how everyone acts like he's irrelevant 'cause he's got a drug problem. DMX, unlike these other weak ass teeny-bop rappers is a grown man and therefore has grown man problems. He has never shyed away from his problems or acted like he was above making mistakes. That's the appeal of DMX, he's REAL. He doesn't talk about yellow diamonds and Cavale shoes and all that other girly shit rappers talk about now. He doesn't glorify anything, he gives you the real, and that's alot more rare than a motherfucker who can say some witty punchlines. I'm still ridin' with X, fuck it, maybe I'm old, but I'll put my money on a cracked out DMX before any of these weak ass new niggas. "We get away with everyday shit/ but everyday shit catches up to us and when it does, you can't say shit" - DMX -

    • L-Boogie

      I agree! X is a real dude, heads be sleepin on his legacy like he didn't bring back hardcore hip hop after Pac n Big died.

    • dac

      nah man i agree with you but he def needs to worry about getting clean and his life on a straight path rather than worryin about drakes sissy ass

  • Da1

    I thought Method Man died in the first belly. He was blown away with that twelve guage, even though he was running away and still shooting at people. I believe that he died soon after. Also how can he pair Swizz beatz with the likes of Nas, Busta Rhymes and Ghostface. I guess it has nothing to do with talent just people he's friends with still.


    Word Life. Fuck the skinny jean bullshit. I don't sag either so I don't want that baggy trend to come back either. Comfortable is were its at.

  • Anonymous

    lol. its funny how some ppl hate jay-z so much that they will use what a certified crackhead says as a justification for their dislike of Hov. smh

    • Anonymous

      thats my point. you only believe what dmx is saying because you WANT to believe it. i don't think you know what crack does to somebody. did u see when X had the tv show on BET and sounded like a boxer who has taken too many punches? like i said, there's no objectivity. and please for the record, can you tell me what makes DMX so "real"?

    • Anonymous

      get off Gay Z's nuts, he used to be able to rap but after he went mainstream like that he couldn't rap no mo, besides X has always been realer than him so if he says this is how he went down, crack head or not I believe it

    • Anonymous

      Jay = Top 5 ever. It's that simple.

    • Anonymous

      lol. so you saying jay-z doesn't know how to rap? gtfoh. no objectivity. he might not be the best but you cant deny hov has talent on the mic. and unlike your dumb ass, i dont listen to what crackheads say.

    • Anonymous

      funny how some people have jay-z's nuts so deep in their mouth they can't hear how garbage he is now, nor do they want to hear it from anybody.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Let's go gatdamnit!!!! Man this is what we need out of hip hop right now. I'm sick of all this vouching and head turning to wack ish. He basically said ish that everyone has who hasn't been brainwashed: Drake is talented but his music content and quailty stinks and is mad soft and borderline corny; Jay-Z is wack as fuck and needs to stop with the nonsense he's been releasing to the masses (post Black Album albums) and the trend of dressing like a homo and lil boy is just ridiculous. If you were dressing like that before this trend, you (nh). But my God... let's stop acting like this ish is cool. Tight jeans...are...for...women. Yeah X. Keep on the righteous path; seek God's face; and just stay chiseled.

    • Anonymous

      Jay half fell off half sold out. Reasonable Doubt was a classic, Blueprint was decent, and thats about it. Now he's doing songs like "Empire State of Mind" and "Run this Town" and nobody even remembers his part, on his own song.

    • Anonymous

      Anyone who calls Jay-Z is out of his mind. Jay is one of the best to ever do it. Listen to his music closely and don't write him off because he is popular.

  • Crash

    Yeah fuck Jay and soi don't even remember. The last time I watched 106 & 10 is awful... but that's wat they like..... they don't know any better. I know A lot of chicks who don't even like that tight jean shit. But DMX gotta get ur act together. Drop an album. I mean u won't be mainstream again but do it for the real hiphop listeners.

  • Anonymous

    BELLLY 2 WOULD BE SIIICKKKK!!!!!!! the REAL belly that is. not that wack shit with game lol. i like game but the movie was wack. i want the real deal

  • the_truth

    I am so vouching for DMX but he has got to get his act together.... forget JAY or DRAKE.... do you man!!!! The best thing for X right now is actually to join Maybach Music. I know everybody saying that is whack but that would be the best thing for X.... no other major is going to pick him up... (BADOG - isnt that the label he is on?) MMG actually know how to get exposure and unlike other rap lables, they are constantly putting records out and have great production teams.... with X lyrics, he could pull a career out of that.....

  • idntknow

    X needs to come back ... dude was at high point in his life and they got him down ... JAY-Z a faggot and we all know who he apart of and he doesnt have to say it but we all know. People need to stop believing this life and believe whats to come, if you think you die and everything ganna be glory your stupid. you should never fear death but you should fear God!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck DMX. He is so irrelevant. I'll admit I was a little young when he was in his prime, but shit I listen to rappers who predated DMX by a decade or two. NO ONE fucks with him any more. He should be grateful he still has a fan-base at all and let other rappers to their thing. I would like to see him drop a better album than Drake or Hov. He sounds like a jealous little bitch complaining about who is in the top 10. Drop a hot album if you got a problem with whats popular right now. Otherwise shut the fuck up and accept the reality that you are a washed up, mediocre rapper. I seriously lost all respect for him when he made that Illuminati comment about Rick Ross. What a tool!

    • Yup

      I can respect your opinion, but to call DMX mediocre is an insult to hip hop. And also, when does being "relevant" equivicate the right to state your opinion about other artists or the state of hip hop. If that's the case every blog/message board/comment section needs to be shut down because it's nothing but "irrelevant" people giving their opinions on the very same subject DMX did. That means you too.

    • Benjeem Sampson

      He already has dropped better albums than Drake. Hov is getting too played out for rap. He raps as if he's experiencing a mid-life crisis...

  • guerilla jones

    lol dmx?word?you still living?you would think they would MAKE you do drug counciling,or at least MAKE you get an education in the bing,lol do you think a 40+ jay z gives a shit what DMX thinks of JAY-zs footwear in jail?

  • X

    Hell Yeah Fuck Drake he is mad fagy

  • Nike Champ 718

    This dude is so cracked out that he doesn't know there already was a "Belly 2", and Meth died in the first "Belly."

    • Anonymous

      Games 'belly 2' had nothing to do with the original Belly. It just used the title to get a lil more recognition.

    • Cage

      sun i was thinkin the same thing... He must've been on that pipe hardbody cause tims been played for years on top of belly 2 floppin... ACGs shit all over them... X, cop some ACGs or foamdomes, you'll still be gutta

  • Anonymous

    What about Rick Ross? Drake and Rick are like Batman and Robin. As for the Top seems like what ever the illuminate whats, they will get it

  • Jefferey Mason


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