Swizz Beatz recently sprang a leak with his haunting “Anne” featuring Lil Wayne, but he’s content that it took on a life of its own. Speaking with Punchbowl Blog, Swizzy explained why he’s now content with the track’s unauthorized leak and that a music video could be in the works. 

“At first, when the ‘Anne’ song got leaked, I was a little bit upset because I felt that it should’ve gone out the proper way. But then I was like, what’s the proper way of music getting out in 2011? Shit, I’m not even calling my album an album no more. It leaking and dropping like that goes with my plan,” he said. “It made a big splash, you know about it, the world know about it, it got to stand on its own two feet. Millions and millions of people talking about it, trending topic. It got the proper exposure.”

For Swizz, the way the song leaked is a reflection of the times. “I just think that the traditional way of me doing music is over, as far as working with Wayne on ‘Anne’ and having that concept, and I loved it. When I work with Wayne, to have to give him a concept instead of a club banger just like we did with ‘Dr. Carter,’ that was a concept. I want to continue that with ‘Anne.’ We did that. We might be shooting a video for it and taking it all the way.” 

The Bronx, New York native also stated that he wants to put his wife Alicia Keys and Adele on a track together, as well as put in studio time with Sade. As for previous collaborations, he shed some light on why Kanye West and Jay-Z have taken so long with their Watch the Throne LP.

“I think the delay is perfection. Two people who perfect their craft to a sonic level of out of this world. People want the best and they want to give you the best, and sometimes, the best takes a little bit of time, just like Dre’s album,” he said. “I’m inspired by Kanye’s passion. I think that he’s inspired by my passion as well, and he went to performing arts school. He’s into art, of course, we can see. He’s into fashion. It’s like Warhol and Basquiat. He do his thing, I do my thing. Together, we represent the culture, so it was really under one umbrella.”

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