Of the six songs that Eve has placed in the top 50 of Billboard magazine’s Hot 100 chart, Swizz Beatz produced two (“Gotta Man,” “Love Is Blind”) as well as memorable non-charting singles such as “What Y’all Want.” Despite enjoying success as a soloist, and a few hits courtesy of Dr. Dre, Eve says there’s a reason some of her more commercially successful efforts have come with Swizz at the helm.

“Working with Swizz is the easiest thing ever,” Eve explained. “I’m lucky enough to have a great rapport with him. For some reason, as soon as we started working together, it’s just been easy. His energy is off the wall…”

The pair conducted an interview with High Snobiety to promote Swizz’s custom Reebok line. When Swizz’s upcoming Haute Living album is released, he and Eve will collaborate again on the single “Chillin’.” Since their humble Ruff Ryder beginnings, Eve has added acting to her resume, while Swizz has scored movies, enjoyed mainstream success and expanded his overall portfolio. Through it all, he says one thing remained constant.

“Being able to identify previous classic moments gives me a DNA that I can go back and take the magnifying glass to see if there’s components that can still be used and passed on,” “But sometimes, making a new classic means making something new.”

Highsnobiety TV – Swizz Beatz x Reebok from Highsnobiety on Vimeo.