Swizz Beats has made successful chart-toppers for a variety of artists ranging from Jay-Z to T.I. Next year, Swizz seems intent on making sure the list doesn’t stop there.

The newest members of his Full Surface label are veteran emcees and ex-Ruthless Records artists Bone Thugs & Harmony. The harmonious group’s album is done and the record will see light sometime during the second quarter of next year. Kanye West will be a guest on the album. Look for two new singles from Bone in the coming months.

Currently, he has records with Beyonce, Busta Rhymes and Notorious BIG buzzing on the radio. In the future, he has plans to go into the lab with old label-mates Eve, The LOX and Drag-On. He’s also got four songs on the forth-coming T.I. album The King.

Swizz is also working with DMX. They are re-doing a project that was initially slated to be released by Def Jam. Swizz claims this one will be worth the wait.

“He’s been writing to tracks while he’s locked up, and we’ve got a first single for him that’s crazy. I’m talking about hip-hop is back. I’m bringing that New York sh– back. You’re gonna remember what I said. Next month you’re gonna understand what I’m saying. I got the anthem of anthems,” he claims.

Aside from these big named artists, Swizz has also worked with some lesser known emcees. “I was working with [a lot of] artists that didn’t go over platinum. Especially for New York, there’s no producers with my status that’s going out of their way to keep New York on the map,” he tells MTV.

Swizz also noted that it is a matter of taking a risk that not many producers dare to take. “I tried to work with artists like Jae Millz, because they’ve got the potential to be the next thing moving,” he explains. “It’s easy to get with a cat that’s already established and make a major hit. But it’s hard to take a risk with an artist that’s from the mix-tape circuit or didn’t sell millions of millions of records.”

Cassidy fans need not worry. New Cassidy songs are on the way, even though the rapper, famous for his hustler’s anthem, is in jail. Swizz spoke about the matter, as well.

“This year was fun for me with the exception of Cassidy going to jail,” he admits.

Source: MTV.com