From his days of rocking $.99 nylons to cover his face on through the Clark’s Wallabee era, Ghostface Killah has always taken his personal style seriously. While on tour in London “Tony Starks” ran into the Goodie Mob and pointed out a few similarities between his own offbeat style and Cee-Lo’s

“He likes to be different, and I understand him,” Ghost explained to Tim Westwood. “When I was coming with the robes and all that shit, it was the same way. He’s in his own lane. We talked about that one time.”

After the fourth quarter release of 2010’s Apollo Kids, Ghost said that fans may see his signature “Tony Starks look” back at the beginning of 2012.

“At the top of the year, it’s all back,” Ghost added. “Sometimes you just gotta give shit a break a little bit…try to regroup. I’ve got my head on right, right now. I’m mad focused. I’ve got a lot of work. I’ve got a lot of songs. My Supreme Clientele, blue and cream—the Wally era—is already done in a basket. I might let that out of the gate next year. We’ve got this Wu-Block situation, and we’re working on a Wu-Tang album.”

Ghostface also pointed out that the Clan has shared in some of the fans disappointments, but that may not necessarily be a bad thing. Ghost called every disappointment “a blessing,” and he noted that some setbacks revealed character in both the respective clan members and their loyal fans. Ghost added that the trends and styles the Clan brought to the culture created lifelong fans across the globe, as evidenced by the many people across the globe with Wu-Tang Clan tattoos.

“I don’t even have a [Wu-Tang tattoo],” Ghost pointed out. “I don’t have shit on me…no ink. But these motherfukers got it. And they’re gonna be 80 and 90 years old in wheelchairs like, “Oh shit. Look at Bob over here with the wrinkly Wu tattoo!’”

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