HipHopDX Premiere: As a member of the Strange Famous Records family, Savannah, Georgia’s Dope KNife has been embraced by SFR mastermind Sage Francis. His new video for “Name Up” is the first offering from his forthcoming album NinteenEightyFour, which is his Strange Famous Digital debut.

The album is a demonstration of his style in ferocious, focused bursts, fused to form a gritty boom-bap soundscape littered with dense wordplay. “I think of this album as a character portrait; it’s like the movie Taxi Driver in rap form,” Dope KNife said in a press release. “It’s one man’s experience with the world, laid out for society to see, but there’s no guarantee the world will understand it. You either vibe with the experience and accept that it has a reason for existing, or you just think it’s a collection of songs that you like or dislike individually. I’m fine with either.”

“Name Up” is also directed by Dope KNife with a little help from co-director/editor Steve Douglas. NineteenEightyFour is available January 27 through all digital retailers from SFdigi, and on exclusive limited edition CD and 7-Inch records here. Check out the video above and track list below.

01 Nothing To Lose
02 Inner Party
03 Fear And Loathing f. Ceschi
04 Thought Crimes
05 They Live
06 Tombstone f. 5AM, Obeah, Day Tripper
07 Unperson
08 Cult Personality f. Sage Francis
09 Name Up
10 Memory Hole
11 #SQUADGOHARD f. LC, Esh, B. Rude, Zak G, JabrJaw, AllOne
12 Room 101