Pusha T, who has been vocal about his social and political beliefs in the past, stars in a new PSA about prison reform. The Bronx native reads the story of Norman Brown, a man who was sentenced to life in prison for crack-cocaine distribution (a non-violent offense). Because of prior sentences and sentencing guidelines, he was given an extremely harsh sentence.

Pusha goes on to describe the difficult environment in prison, and how Brown eventually began teaching classes in anger management and empowerment. In 2010, he applied for clemency and after 25 years in prison, President Obama commuted his sentence. Brown went in at age 22 and was released at age 47.

Made in collaboration with ECCO (The Entertainment Consortium Collaborative Outreach Program) and produced by Fictionless Films for its MySentence campaign, the PSA packs a powerful punch with its brutally honest message. Watch it in full above.