In 1991, Geto Boys were responsible for one of the hardest tracks ever created, “My Mind Playing Tricks On Me,” so it’s not surprising the Geto Boys mastermind Willie D has no problem putting some of the biggest names in entertainment, sports and politics in his crosshairs with the “Coon II” diss track.

He calls Michael Jordan a “ho bitch,” Ben Carson “straight trash,” Steve Harvey a “ho,” and Ted Cruz “a hypocrite looking like Mrs. Doubtfire.” He berates them for countless racial infractions that include Harvey’s jokes about slavery. Set to the backdrop of a “Coon Hunters Meeting,” several people are seen wearing “Coon Hunter” T-shirts and at the end, Willie pleads to the viewers to call out a “coon” when they see one.

Considering it’s been 25 years since “My Mind Playing Tricks On Me” came out, check out the video below for a little refresher.