The question over whether the Geto Boys would ever release a collaborative album ever again might now have a more definite answer.

Recently sitting down with New York 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, group headman Scarface, who’s preparing his own solo album release with Deeply Rooted–the follow-up to 2008’s Emeritus, spoke about the status of the group and whether they would come together to drop another project or tour.

“That’s over,” ‘Face said in regards to teaming up with Willie D and Bushwick Bill again. “That’s a page in history that is closed for me. I’m done. That’s never going to happen again.”

The Houston-based legend was also asked about rebranding himself on the heels of Puff Daddy’s recent interview with the radio trio when Puffy conversed about the youth of Hip Hop trying to be like him.

“Yeah, I’m with him with that, I do not want to be a big ass kid in the sandbox,” ‘Face said. “I’m still trying to catch up with Dre. I’m still trying to catch up with Uncle Funky, George Clinton. I’m still trying to catch up with that. So for me to try to do something else, and I hadn’t caught with what my biggest influences was, I’m still trying to catch up with Marley. Let me catch up with that first, and then I’ll try to catch on to something else.”

Deeply Rooted eyes a September 1 release date.

Watch the full interview segment below:

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