HipHopDX Premiere: The 2016 A3C Hip Hop Festival kicked off yesterday (October 5) and in celebration of the annual event, iHipHop Distribution and the A3C have partnered up once again for the A3C Volume 6 festival compilation.

The first single from this year’s A3C compilation, “We Got That,” comes from the young rap prodigy A-F-R-O, short for “All Flows Reach Out.”  On the track, produced by Mr. Green, A-F-R-O showcases his impenetrable flow and dexterous wordplay, exemplifying what makes the teenage rapper so intriguing.

In 2014, the rising MC sent an audio submission to R.A The Rugged Man’s ‘Definition of a Rap Flow’ contest, which quickly went viral. A-F-R-O eventually captured the attention of major Hip Hop players like Questlove, who said, “A-F-R-O is the future of Hip-Hop.” In July 2016, A-F-R-O released his debut EP with producer Marco Polo, aptly titled A-F-R-O Polo, to critical acclaim.

A3C Volume 6 offers approximately 30 artists and hits stores worldwide on October 28.