According to Long Island, New York rapper R.A. The Rugged Man, once Eminem’s rap career began to blow up, labels began requesting Eminem diss records from other white artists. R.A. revealed that he was one of those artists approached to craft an Eminem diss song.

The rapper spoke on the matter after being asked about Eminem’s beef with Cage, during an interview with Vlad TV. He explained that he wasn’t aware of any beef between the Detroit, Michigan emcee and Cage, but did reveal that at the time a lot of white artists had beef with other white artists.

“I didn’t know there was a beef,” R.A. The Rugged Man said. “I thought it was just—What happened is a lot of the white boys at the same time had beef with white boys. [It] was always like the white artists don’t like the white artists. And I always was out of that loop for some reason. It was like I was me and then all the white guys were going at each other…When Em blew up, I had every label on the planet calling me. ‘Do a diss record for us. Do a diss record. Diss Eminem. I’m telling you.’ Why? Cause he’s a white boy? You’re calling white boy to diss white boy…They would reach out to white boy rappers.”

Prior to speaking on record labels requesting Eminem diss songs, R.A. detailed meeting Em after one of his album release parties. He says the meetup was setup by Eminem’s manager, Paul Rosenberg, who he says was a fan of his music.

R.A. recalled being somewhat disappointed to find Eminem on his tour bus with “wifey” and not a flock of models.

“I only met him one time,” he said. “I knew Paul very well. Cause Paul and all them guys they were fans. They knew my shit since back in the day. So, Paul would be like ‘I got this new guy, Eminem. He’s my artist.’ So, I’d see Paul always up at Rawkus everywhere…The one time I met Em was after Em had blowed up a little bit. It was at the second album release party. And they had a tour bus outside. And it’s after his album release party. So Paul’s like ‘Come hang out with Em and we’ll kick [it]’…I go in Em’s bus, but he had wifey with him. Still with the girl Kim. Some of the D12 guys are there…They was superfans.”

R.A. The Rugged Man’s interview with Vlad TV can be found below.

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