As we continue to wait for Murs‘ major label debut entitled Murs For President, the Living Legend decided that it would only be righteous to give his fans something to chew on to keep the hunger for the new release at bay. What better way to get fans excited than another outing with one of the more sought after producer’s in the game? Once again the team of Murs and 9th Wonder join forces for a project titled Sweet Lord. As everyone celebrated the announcement of a third outing by these two fine artists, the pot was sweetened by the fact that it would be given away for free. Now that’s how you thank your fans for support and create an atmosphere to gain momentum going into a big release! With Sweet Lord, Murs creates the perfect precursor for Murs For President while 9th Wonder campaigns heavily that he should be Murray‘s Vice President.

The chemistry between Murs and 9th is just as good – if not better –  than 9th Wonder‘s chemistry with Little Brother. Just about everything these two do together works. Not to mention the duo understand quality of quantity as they know how to keep it short and sweet. Murs 3:16 and Murray’s Revenge brought out the best in both the rappers. Sweet Lord is no different.


Murs gets down to business and really puts together an effective package of dope rhymes and insightful narratives. “Nina Ross” is one of the many highlights on the album where Murs‘ talents are on full display. 9th Wonder‘s production illuminates Murs‘ tale of chasing down a young lady for a nightcap. While it could be initially viewed as the run of the mill” dude meets chick” tale, it certainly isn’t. Murs has a knack for sucking you in with a crisp tale and then throwing you a curveball to make things interesting. Let’s just say that the name “Nina Ross” has duel meanings for this lyrical venture.

Murs is always at his best when rhyming about the opposite sex. It’s his brutal honesty, humor and ability to make him seem just like everyone else on this planet that produces some great moments. While the aforementioned “Nina Ross” found Murs still on the hunt, “Marry Me” is the LA emcee waxing poetic about finally settling down. Behind the soulful production, Murs may gain the respect of women everywhere with his genuine idea of what it means to finally jump the broom.  

9th Wonder‘s production continues to evolve with each outing. On Sweet Lord, 9th tailor makes some brilliant production that fits Murs‘ style perfectly. Joints like “Are You Ready?” showcase a certain edgier 9th Wonder at his best. A touch of island rhythm manages to filter throughout the beat as Murray is “Looking like, feeling like, dressed like a Rasta.” “Push” and it’s bass heavy soundscape find both Murs and 9th at their most intense.  But it’s not as if 9th has forgotten how to keep it chock full of soul. “Love The Way” is a polished production stacked with a hook that could make this a breeze for radio play. Whether infusing joints with soul, trying to develop a different sound or sticking to the old game plan, 9th has proven that he has a certain old school meets new school aesthetic that can be enjoyed by Hip Hop fans of all ages.  

With their third outing, the 9th and Murs pairing continues to excel. Their chemistry rivals some of Hip Hop’s greatest as their consistency and willingness to try new things continue to bring forth memorable moments. The only possible drawback of making an album this good is creating expectations that are too high for MursWarner debut. If Murs For President falters critically, many will be curious why the label didn’t just take Sweet Lord and deliver that to the masses. At this point, the three projects reflect the best Murs has to offer. Thanks, in part, to 9th Wonder. Who would settle for anything less? 

[Check out the album in full by clicking here!]