As a member of the trailblazing ATL group Goodie Mob that dropped classics Soul Food and Still Standing, Big Gipp’s tasted the fruits of fame many times. The twang-heavy ensemble’s tragically chaotic third effort, World Party, got attention for all the wrong reasons. Gipp, however, has managed to stay in the limelight due to his marriage to eclectic R&B singer Joi and for his penchant for extravagant attire.

No song from Mutant Mindframe grabs headlines like Goodie’s “Cell Therapy” or “Black Ice,” but there are clearly inspired moments Dungeon Family followers can appreciate. On “3 Words,” Gipp maneuvers around Galaga-like blips to explain love. Groovy guitars on “These Times” and the funk-heavy “Zone Three” are the farthest things from 106 & Park’s current playlist–and that’s a wonderful thing.

But Big Gipp’s always been different. How else can you explain emotion-rich songs dedicated to civil rights champion Hosea Williams (“Hystery Mystery”) and Atlanta’s missing children (“Creek”)? Goodie Mob, more often than not, has been a name heads could depend on for quality hip hop. With Mutant Mindframe, Gipp now
gets a little quality shine for more than wild feather hats and crazy-ass pants.