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Emmitt Smith: Hall of Game

Number 22 talks to DX about tracing his genealogy, advice he'd offer Westbrook and LT, and where he keeps his Dancing With The Stars trophies.


Antonio Fargas: On The Books

The former Starksy & Hutch supporting star talks about aiding literacy, and influencing Flava Flav and Snoop Dogg, and his NFL son.


Tatyana Ali: Distant Relative

Kid sister Ashley Banks is all grown up. Read about her new TV One show, her opinion on roles, and working with late 2Pac producer Johnny J on her new album.


Mike Epps: Release Therapy

Funnyman talks about Next Day Air, getting his break in the biz, and how acting can be therapy.


Rapper Big Pooh: Give And Go

Pooh explains why he's comfortable in the background of Little Brother, ESPN aspirations, and why he made four versions of one album.


Nicholas Cage: National (Guilty) Pleasure

Think Sam Jackson is the busiest man in Hollywood? Try keeping up with Nicolas Cage.


Electrik Red

Def Jam's new girl group has an album produced by The-Dream and Tricky in one night.


Zion I: Go Dumb And Get Smart

AmpLive and Zumbi tell DX why they're as much Mac Dre as they are Hiero, and what a true Zion I fan looks like.


Notorious: It Was All A Dream

A chat with those who brought Notorious, Christopher Wallace


Ludacris: Audio Cinematic

Ludacris explains how he cast his album with Common and Spike Lee, and how listening may ease the recession.


HipHopDX's NFL Forecast

Joseph Adai, Terrell Suggs and Calvin Pace join DX in NFL predictions, beyond just the excitement of NFC and AFC East.


Robin Thicke: Higher

The Soul singer that says he's challenged by The Joker and a goblin, touches upon race and patience for success.


Janelle Monae

The Bad Boy by-way-of OutKast songstress has an amazing style and a strong head on her shoulders, read where it originates.


Cedric The Entertainer: Are You Not Entertained?

Cedric discuss the new school vs the old school of comedy, his movie with Mos Def and Beyonce and doing Kings of Comedy 2.


Van Hunt: A Wet Dream Deferred

Van Hunt explains his connection to classical music, why the ladies love him, and when Popular will live up to its name.


Common: Studio Gangster

Com talks "ringtone" rappers, juggling his acting and rapping and his next LP a party album without Kanye?


Charles S. Dutton: The Actor's Studio

Though he might be best remembered as the star of Roc, Charles S. Dutton's voice resonates in a chronicle of black acting.


Yao Ming: Yao Bum Rush The Show

The Houston Rockets All-Star Center talks about his love of video games, movies and going up against K.G. and Shaq.


Samari Rolle: The Ring Finger

A veteran of one Super Bowl, Samari Rolle speaks about players' mindsets and the future of the Baltimore Ravens.


Gabrielle Union: National Treasure

Gabrielle Union admits she lied on her resume, sees more diversity in Hollywood, and says hard work is the key.


Instant Replay December

With "bowl season" fast approaching, DX looks at match-ups and coaching shifts, along with those enchanted Orlando Magic.

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