Drawing continual parallels between his business hustle and drug dealer chic, Young Jeezy’s tactics have carried him to an executive A&R position at Atlantic Records, concurrently the new home for his CTE boutique label. Far removed from his trap origins, this year his level-headed disposition withstood ongoing intense rivalries with Rick Ross and Gucci Mane as he celebrated the Gold success of last year’s Thug Motivation 103. Safely considered a veteran and focused on maintaining his foothold with 2013 right around the corner, It’s Tha World is Jeezy’s latest free release with trash talking hypeman DJ Drama.
Pivotal in each others’ careers sprouting wings, Young Jeezy and DJ Drama have aligned once again to give the streets a year ending soundtrack with It’s Tha World. Sticking to his script, Jeezy comes with very few surprises as his developing story now finds him nearly a decade in the game looking down from atop his throne, with a conviction that has remained forceful.

Further imagining himself within the ranks of infamous kingpins, the “El Jefe Intro” and “Escobar” allude to a fictional crime rise that requires listeners to suspend disbelief regarding his fortune actually accrued through Hip Hop. More in tune with reality, Young Jeezy asserts his manhood defined by wealthy domination on “Get Right,” “Stylin,” and “Too Many Commas” featuring an equally flamboyant Birdman background narration.

Experimenting well with new trends, California party starter DJ Mustard is responsible for “R.I.P.” and “All the Same” (benefitted by 2 Chainz and E-40 respectively), while West coast rookie YG brings his own youthful authenticity to “Just Got Word,” all examples of the creative versatility which has made for Young Jeezy’s longevity. Never neglecting to issue reminders of his glorious contributions to Rap, the tape closes with the self-entitled “Thank Me” aimed at anyone who fas failed to relinquish proper appreciation. Jeezy has mastered the art of survival in music using It’s Tha World as yet another showcase for loud and energetic boasts of materialism and fantasies that he’s a major part of today’s cocaine trade. The main fault to be found lies in repetition, as his rags to riches tale risks becoming stale to an audience all too familiar with this running routine.

DX Consensus: “EP-worthy”

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