Yung Miami has conquered a workout so unusually challenging that she felt the need to take to social media to announce her fitness win.

On Friday (February 24), she took to her Instagram Stories following a grueling workout to proudly announce that she had “defeated the gym,” even though it did its best to take her out.

“I won today at the gym,” she said between breaths. “I defeated the gym. Like, I won but today was so fucking hard. Like, I’m drenched. I thought that I was gonna faint, pass out because the pain. My legs was so weak and shaking.”

She continued: “When I say I’m sweating! Like, today I put my mind to it and I won.”

While she didn’t specify whether she had taken a break from the gym, Miami has definitely been busy as of late, including spending time with her boo Diddy as of late.

During a red carpet interview with The Shade Room last month, the Caresha Please host opened up about meeting the Bad Boy mogul’s family on a recent vacation and said that she didn’t feel any apprehension or hesitation from his children.

Instead, she said she felt an immediate since of familiarity.

“It just felt like family,” Yung Miami recalled. “Mama Combs, I love her, she treat me like I’m her own. The twins, I love the twins, they City Girls, they so cool. I love the Combs family.”

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Mary J. Blige Shares Laughs With 50 Cent, Yung Miami & More In 'Wine Down' Trailer

Her very public and very casual relationship with the Bad Boy mogul might not have suffered if the interaction wasn’t that comfortable though. Earlier in the interview, the “Act Up” rapper said that she doesn’t necessarily feel like not getting along with your partner’s family is a deal breaker.

While Yung Miami and Diddy have an open relationship, she previously clarified that she’s no “side chick” after she got hit with the label following the birth of his newest daughter, Love.

“People think that I’m like a side chick and he just do whatever he want and I’m just head over heels. No it go both ways,” Miami said in a December interview. “Ain’t nothing one sided over here.”