Young Scooter had some thoughts about a possible tour featuring a lineup of all the rappers that have faced snitching allegations in the past.

Scooter fired away on his Instagram Story over the weekend calling for the snitch tour without naming anyone specifically.

“MOST YALL RAPPERS SHOULD GET WIT LIVE NATION AND DO A [rat emojis] TOUR,” he wrote matter-of-factly.

Akademiks reposted Scooter’s message and Symba agreed the lineup could actually lead to a good show.

“Ain’t gon lie, that tour would be [fire],” Symba commented.


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Fans began to connect Young Scooter’s message to Freebandz rapper Real Boston Richie, who is facing snitching allegations of his own to kick off 2023 when a video of him in the interrogation room with officers was leaked earlier this month.

Richey said his conversation with police was over an “incident” he allegedly had with another individual, and that police viewed that individual as a person of interest in a separate murder case.

Young Thug's Brother Denies Snitching After Taking Plea Deal In YSL RICO Case

“In my city, this shit ain’t even no big situation ’cause everybody know about this shit,” Richey told Ak at the 22-minute mark in the below video. “So as I’m getting interviewed, this like my second time being interviewed so now I’m just like on some shit like, ‘Y’all trippin’ me and bro had a situation but that shit I know for a fact this man ain’t kill my cousin.’ I don’t know who killed this man,’ we giving him the whole run around. That shit was a goose chase like me and my whole interview bruh.”

Others jokingly penciled in Gunna and 6ix9ine as possibilities to appear on the “snitch tour” bill.

Gunna entered Alford plea in the YSL RICO case, which found him pleading guilty to one racketeering conspiracy charge to secure his release from jail in December.

As for 6ix9ine, he notoriously cooperated with federal authorities back in 2020 to convict numerous members of New York’s Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. Despite apologizing for his “snitching” ways, the “Gummo” rapper has adamantly stood by his decision to testify against his co-defendants.