Tyga and YG announced that they have an upcoming collaboration album on the way on Saturday (March 4) at Rolling Loud in Inglewood, California.

Prior to the performance of the pair’s 2019 hit, “Go Loko,” Tyga made the announcement about the upcoming project.



“So it’s crazy because last year, or like a year or two ago, we was working on the album, but the shit was going so crazy that we only came up with one song,” Tyga said, with YG in agreement. “But now we about to drop the new album, coming soon you feel me.”

After the announcement, the crowd lit up with excitement once they started rapping the chorus to the infectious record.

Check out their performance of “Go Loko” at the 3:23 mark.

Last year, both artists collaborated on YG’s single “Run” which also featured 21 Savage and Bia. During that time, the “Big Bank” rapper discussed the creative process behind the single with Billboard.

“Me and Tyga were in the studio just trying to plot like, ‘What should we do for the video?’ There’s only so much you can do with that type of song. We ain’t wanna do like a flashy rap video, driving around in the cars. I got plenty of them. So we were like, ‘What can we do that makes sense that ain’t been done?’ We started talking about a bank heist but doing it in a way like nobody seen it by some rappers.”

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Another one of Young Money’s alumni members was in attendance for Rolling Loud as well.

Lil Wayne brought out Nicki Minaj during his headlining performance. Together, they performed “Bedrock,” “High School,” and “Truffle Butter” during the one-hour set.

While performing her new Lumidee-influenced single, “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” the 40-year-old rapper started experiencing technical difficulties in her in-ear monitors. As she tried to salvage her performance, she let her feelings be known in a video posted on Rolling Loud’s Twitter account.



“When I perform, I do not perform with that backing track,” Minaj said. “So, I just watched it back and sweetheart, let me tell you something, it looks like my vocals were in, in every song, which is gross. I never.” Minaj then belted out the chorus to Monica’s 1997 hit, “For You, I Will” as a dedication to her attendance and loyalty to Wayne, even in the midst of sound problems.

“The sound situation was unacceptable,” she continued. “And I apologize, even though I was a special guest. I apologize because you know what, fuck that. But, you guys could hear my voice through it, but there was a big mix up between our sound crew and Lil Wayne’s sound crew, and that was not acceptable.”