Slim Thug has revealed his secret to staying rich, and apparently it’s avoiding a certain kind of designer clothing.

The Already Platinum rapper took to Instagram to criticize designer outfits, using the term “gay” to describe the luxury clothes.

Slim Thug took a moment to clarify his use of the term — which has historically had a derogatory connotation when used as a descriptor — and said he has no ill feelings towards the LGBTQ+ community.

“Let me show you guys why I still got money and a lot of rappers went broke,” Thug said before showing off a $5.99 T-shirt he just bought. “The $5.99 shirt. Let me see how much the shorts is. The shorts, $12.99. Less than $20. I be in the club with this shit on and you don’t know ’cause I got on a million dollars worth of jewelry.”

He continued: “But y’all be buying that designer. Y’all be looking gay ’cause all the designers are gay and I’m the only one standing out here. There be 10 of y’all standing around with the same Christian Dior shirt, 10 of y’all with the same Gucci shirt, and I be standing out with the plain T that cost me $5.”

“Same as a happy meal or less. That’s how you stay rich longer. I just wanted to give y’all that game today,” he added.

Slim then took to the comments section to clarify his use of the term “gay” before any backlash could ensue.

“For the gay ppl who are wondering what I mean when I say look gay I mean when a hood dude wearing a Gucci rainbow shirt and a man purse no offense to y’all tho,” he wrote along with several rainbow emojis.


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Slim Thug is hardly the first rapper to criticize the price of designer clothing. Kanye West previously said in an interview with Forbes that his long term plan was to make his clothes no more than $20.

“It’s our responsibility and pleasure to turn these dreams into reality, to simplify things, and provide more room for people to imagine, [not] constricting or enforcing ideas,” Ye said at the time.

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Slim Thug has also previously spoken out about the dangers that come when rappers flex their wealth.

Last February, the 42-year-old posted a picture to Instagram of a man in one frame displaying a large amount of cash while in a separate frame, the same man is getting beaten on the ground by multiple men trying to steal his money.

The Houston native captioned the post: “If ppl on IG who be capping go outside by their self.”