Odell Beckham Jr. has cleared up the misunderstanding about him living at Drake‘s house in the Hidden Hills of California in the mid-2010s.

The enigmatic Baltimore Ravens wide receiver sat down with GQ Sports earlier in September where he explained how he was living at Drake’s Calabasas mansion in 2016 during his NFL off-season while the 6 God was on tour. Hence, they weren’t really roommates technically.



“Well, I think people have a misunderstanding of that,” the 30-year-old said. “He was actually on tour and I was living there. Everyone was like, ‘Oh, they’re roommates!’ That wasn’t really it.”

However, Drake and Odell formed a bond when OBJ entered the NFL as a New York Giant in 2014 and they’ve developed a tight-knit friendship in the decade since.

Beckham Jr. also revealed a time he spent three months in London while catching up with Drake at various cities across the pond as the 6 God was on tour overseas.

“I actually stayed in London [once] for two or three months with Von Miller,” he added. “This was back when Drake was on tour, so our home base was London for a little bit of time. It was our offseason, so we went to Norway, Stockholm, Amsterdam, but London was the home base. That was my favorite hotel, actually. The Rosewood, they always take care of me.”

The talk of OBJ living with Drake stemmed from an interview Beckham Jr. did with UFC star Ronda Rousey for DraftKingsTV in 2016 where he spoke about staying at the OVO honcho’s house while he worked on finishing VIEWS.

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“That’s my guy right there,” Odell Beckham Jr. said at the time. “That was the first time we really hung out… Just somebody who I’m sure you can relate to. Somebody whose mindset is the same as yours. And they want nothing but success. They want to be the best. We just clicked on a level like that.

“And this really was the start of a friendship that’ll carry through a lifetime. Weird enough, I’m actually staying at his place right now while he’s finishing the album. So, I’m just out there working out. He needs to chill out with that house that he’s got out there. It’s just too much going on.”

These days, OBJ is a member of the Ravens and is preparing to suit up against their division rival Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday (September 17) while Drake brings his It’s All A Blur Tour to Dallas and Houston this weekend.

The 6 God is also putting the finishing touches on his anticipated For All the Dogs album, which is slated to arrive on September 22. He also has a new single landing on Friday (September 15) that is rumored to feature SZA.