During a recent taping of 106 & Park, Diddy and his Dirty Money group members made a surprise entrance by tossing money at the crowd. Later, he added that some of the money was fake and some of it was real. After showering audience members with cash, Diddy lost a ring that reportedly cost $20,000.

He did his best to get it back, shutting the set down to find the ring. Some audience members began Tweeting. One fan stated that Diddy was “frisking all the kids” and they compared it to a prison. Others said they weren’t pleased with how he handled the situation, saying they were held “hostage.” Diddy went to Twitter also, to note that “the craziest shit just happened.” He added “I guess it’s shitting on me season. Enjoy it while it lasts.”

He ain’t getting’ it back,” one witness noted, according to the New York Post [click here]. “Someone pocketed that, and they probably took it to the nearest jeweler.

Marcy Polanco, a BET spokeswoman added that the ring flew off as he was throwing the money to fans. BET noted that they searched fans with a metal detecting wand and that they did not hold any audience members.

The rest of the show was taped without a glitch and it can be seen below.