Upon walking into New York’s legendary Chung King Studios this evening, the visual of Ryan Leslie bopping in front of a keyboard proves he means business.

The singer/songwriter/producer invited a select few to an intimate revealing of his second studio album Transition – a work, that according to Leslie, was a labor of love over a certain lady. Leslie took his audience through an audio and video history of the album’s making, beginning with his rap “I’m So Glad We’re Friends” from his barely teenage years entering Harvard University as a young prodigy.

Leslie then explained key bits on Transition, starting with his initial meeting with his mystery woman during a rehearsal for his showcase at New York’s SOB’s earlier this year. Upon meeting her, he says, a melody came into his head that he couldn’t shake. That melody later became one of the album’s key tracks “Something That I Like.” In an effort to woo her, Leslie became absorbed in her varied musical tastes, leading to his creating the guitar heavy “Without You I’d Be Nothing.” “We had a small challenge,” he explained. “She had a boyfriend.”

Each song on Transition was indicative of his recent history in love with her. So did he get the girl after filling her home with wall to wall roses and making an album in her honor? You’ll have to buy the album to find out.

UPDATE: “Transition” Tracklisting

1. Never Gonna Break Up
2. Something That I Like (feat. Pusha T)
3. Zodiac
4. Is It Real Love
5. Sunday Night
6. You’re Not My Girl
7. To The Top
8. Nothing
9. Guardian Angel
10. All My Love
11. I Choose You