Boston emcee Slaine [click to read] is largely known for his role in groups like Special Teamz and La Coka Nostra [click to read]. With hard rhymes, a vicious delivery and a no-nonsense attitude, it may come as a shocker that Slaine has also maintained an acting career alongside Ben Affleck.

Credited as George Carroll, Jr., Slaine first appeared as gun-runner Bubba Rogowski in Affleck‘s 2007 film Gone Baby Gone. It was announced this morning that Slaine will now be appearing in The Town, another film from the Good Will Hunting co-writer. “I’ve been working on so much music since I shot the movie Gone Baby Gone that I’ve had to turn down a lot of movie roles. When it came to working with Ben again, this time as a Charlestown bank robber, I just couldn’t turn it down.

The emcee will need to leave his group’s European leg of the tour to film. I apologize to all the La Coka fans internationally since I can’t make this European tour, but I’m in Boston shooting a role that’s close to my heart and my roots. Thanks to my LCN brothers for rocking overseas without me. La Coka is and will remain a brand you can trust,” said Slaine in a statement.

The emcee closed in adding that “Gun In Your Mouth” from A Brand You Can Trust [click to read] is a dedication to all the Charleston bank-robbers.