Back in 2001, Q-Tip fans were anxiously awaiting the release of Kamaal the Abstract. Well, 2001 came and went. The same happened to 2002 and soon, fans became disenchanted with the idea of the disc. Q-Tip then released a critically acclaimed album with TheRenaissance in 2008 [click to read]. Still, fans have been bothered by the unreleased project for some time. Q-Tip felt the same.

I am really disappointed that Kamaal wasn’t released,” Q-Tip told in May of 2004 [click here]. “LA Reid didn’t know what to do with it; then, three years later, they release Outkast. What Outkast is doing now, those are the kinds of sounds that are on Kamaal the Abstract. Maybe even a little more out. Kamaal was just me, guerrilla. I did a lot of overdubs and sampling. I hope to release it my own label, Abstract Artworks.”

Now, fans and Tip can actually expect a release date for Kamaal the Abstract. The long awaited project will be released September 15 barring any changes, via Battery Records.



The disc is entirely produced by Q, including live instrumentation. After years, it’s only right for it to be remixed and remastered but one thing will remain the same. Instead of getting a new cover, the artwork will be as it was in ’01.

According to Neil Levine of Battery Records, fans shouldn’t be afraid to cop an album that was made that long ago.

Kamaal the Abstract/Q-Tip is a true visionary and ahead of his time,” he said via press release. “These songs sound more contemporary now than when they were first recorded.”