Fox L.A. reports a police raid that took place at Platinum Club in Studio City, Califoria during a private party last Thursday, involving members of the Rolling 60s Crip gang from South Central Los Angeles. Headlining the club that night were L.A.’s own Nipsey Hussle [click to read] and Deal Makers Int’l

On his website, spokespeople wrote, “Nipsey’s sudden success created an excuse for envious law enforcers to seek him out. He’d become a walking target for the ‘boys in blue’ and a beacon of hope for baby loc’s like him,” indicating that police encounters may be a frequent occurrence for the likes of Nipsey and his peers.

Aware that there would be a large gathering of Crips in the club that night, police intended to do a raid in order to arrest as many members as possible, and put a damper on their illegal activities – even if just for a short while. The bust took place at 2am Thursday morning, and there were over 400 people in attendance at the club at the time.

On the marquee sign outside of the club were the names of the performing artists for the night as aforementioned,  as well as “6×10,” which police say was a code intended for Rolling 60s gang members so that they knew to congregate there. As a result of the raid, 17 people were arrested for warrants, probation violations and parole violations, as well as orders not to have any dealings with their fellow gang members and/or parolees.

The club owner claims to not have had any knowledge that the gang was renting the club out for the night, and there’s no word on whether or not Nipsey and the Dealmakers were involved or apprehended.  The club was also shut down indefinitely, and at this point, there’s no indication of when it could re-open.

Reported by Richard Smith.