A week ago, Memphis-born producer Drumma Boy [click to read] had 17 tracks seven albums featured on the Soundscan Top 35 Urban charts. With work with T.I., Soulja Boy, Gorilla Zoe [click to read] and Plies, the producer is having a pinnacle to his five-plus-year career.

It’s a blessing to have so many projects amongst the top charts. It’s like I’m juggling consistency,Drumma told HipHopDX yesterday. “Every quarter, I plan to be on the top of the charts. Just put me around the dopest writers, musicians and artists, I’ma bring the energy!” Drumma Boy has produced hits including Young Jeezy‘s “Put On,” Soulja Boy‘s “Rubber Bands” and T.I.‘s “What Up, What’s Haapnin’?”

As far as working on upcoming projects, Drumma revealed, “I was recently down in Miami working at Circlehouse [Studios] on Lil Jon‘s new album and also did a single on Plies [Da REAList album], ‘Plenty Money,’ that’s been buzzin’ in the streets heavy.” He continued that his upcoming quarterly placements and hits will be with The Game, Rich Boy, Nelly & The St. Lunatics, and Lil Scrappy.

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Last month, Drumma Boy helped further establish his Drum Squad brand and team, with recent mixtape Welcome II My City. The work features numerous Memphis artists, old and new, appearing on exclusive Drumma Boy and Drum Squad beats. Available for free download and stream on the producer’s website, listeners can [click here].

For the now Atlanta-based producer, he’s treating this free mixtape like an album, even touring to see it finds ears. “I’ve also been in the streets across the country promoting my first official mixtape Welcome II My City. Since releasing the tape in Memphis, the feedback has been crazy and we’ve spread through Nashville, Atlanta, and the Carolinas. I’m headed through Texas, California, and Florida next.