As one of Hip Hop’s contemporary production giants, The Neptunes have been quiet in 2009 by previous standards. 

The bulk of their beats this year have been featured on the Fast & Furious Soundtrack, which was released on Star Trak Records. Subsequently, the soundtrack boasts six new production credits from The Neptunes, with artists ranging from Busta Rhymes “G Stro” [click to read] to Shark City Clicks “Head Bust.”

Also included on the soundtrack is “Blanco,” a single from Pitbull’s fourth studio album, Rebelution which is tentatively due out in September.

The Virginia-duo has also done work with their new Star Trak artists Chester French [click to read], who recently released their debut Love The Future [click to read]. Receiving mostly positive reviews, the album was able to break into the Billboard Top 200 this week [click to read].

Other Star Trak artists, The Clipse, the first signed to the label, are also at work on Till The Casket Drops.