Hip Hop owns the charts again, as Rick Ross [click to read] third official album, Deeper Than Rap [click to read], cleared over 150,000 copies, taking the Miami Def Jam star straight to the top he rhymes about. The release out-sold Hannah Montana‘s soundtrack by over 50,000, as the Pop princess enjoyed her third week on the charts. Perhaps unfounded, the media’s question of who would sell more, the Miami veteran, or Philadelphia suburban rookie Asher Roth [click to read], was answered with a margin of over 90,000.

Roth impressed the charts with a Top 5 debut, as the SRC/Universal album Asleep At The Bread Aisle [click to read] sold over 61,000, with a first day of release iTunes-topping day, and claims that his label under-shipped the hardcopy release to stores.

Bad Boy RecordsDay 26 [click to read] was three slots behind, with Forever In A Day, joining Gorilla Zoe on the charts. L.O.X./D-Block member Jadakiss [click to read] fell four spots in the third week of his The Last Kiss [click to read]. Jada passes the 200,000 mark, putting him and Ross in the Top 10, as Def Jam representation. 

Keri Hilson‘s In A Perfect World… [click to read] remained in the Top 15 for a fifth week, maintaining her status as Interscope‘s present R&B flagship artist, with considerable radio and video play. 

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
1 Rick Ross Deeper Than Rap
157,544 158,027
5 Asher Roth Asleep In The Bread Aisle
61,888 61,987
8 Day 26 Forever In A Day 36,982 150,296
10 Jadakiss The Last Kiss 30,412 210,118
14 Keri Hilson In A Perfect World 23,089 213,696

UGK [click to read] fell 15 spots from the previous week with UGK 4 Life [click to read]. Pimp C‘s posthumous group album with Bun B still continues to defy expectations, as the group’s nearly 20 year tenure with Jive Records comes to its final release.

Boss Of All Bosses [click to read], Slim Thug‘s [click to read] latest, may be a month away from six figure sales, impressive for a Rap independent. Pharrell artists, Chester French, broke the charts with a Top 100 release, of their Star Trak debut, Love The Future [click to read]. The group was featured in our very own DXnext  section [click to read] less than two years ago. 

West coast underground Hip Hop veterans, The Grouch and Eligh [click to read] of Living Legends, made a surprising-to-some chart appearance, with their latest, Say G&E! release. For Eligh, this is his second release in as many months, after making On Sacred Ground: Mother & Son [click to read] with his mother last month.

The record was just units above MIMS‘ [click to read] sophomore, Guilt [click to read], a EMI major label release looking to break 20,000.

Other Notables

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
43 UGK UGK 4 Life 10,741 128,215
72 Slim Thug Boss Of All Bosses 6,682 74,874
77 Chester French Love The Future 6,300 6,342
186 The Grouch & Eligh Say G&E! 2,808 2,865
187 MIMS Guilt 2,801 19,465

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