As the Rick Ross vs. Asher Roth first week sales battle comes to a close, several artists in the Hip Hop community are weighing in with their opinions.

Buckshot from the Boot Camp Clik chose to remain diplomatic about the two artists, saying he liked both, and did not prefer one over the other.

In terms of comparing the rapper’s albums, Dru Ha did not take the middle road.

“My vote is for Ross,” he told Mikey Fresh. “On the album tip.”

“I think Asher is doing his thing too.”

Druha also gave love to Roth, saying he wouldn’t want to battle the Philadelphia emcee.

“He would do me ugly,” he said of a potential battle. “I’d be in trouble.”

Hip Hop pioneer KRS One threw a curve ball into the Ross vs. Roth debate.

“From a strictly unfair political point of view, I’d go with Rick Ross,” KRS said before saying his pick was Joe Budden.”

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