This week, Inland Empire rapper and Zoo Life CEO 40 Glocc spoke with HipHopDX to clarify rumors surrounding an altercation earlier this year [click to read]. After reportedly taking then returning several pieces of jewelry to rapper Tyga and Lil Wayne‘s camp, rumors swirled that the exchange was made in trade for verses from the Cash Money Records star. After several back and forth music and commentary has been released between 40 Glocc and Wayne [click to read], the rap veteran wanted to dead said rumors. “That’s a 100% lie. The chains, we brought ’em back C.O.D. – cash on delivery. We did a few other things to ’em before we brought ’em back, you know what I mean? [Laughs] I just wanted to make it right and put that out there, first of all.

Further asked if 40‘s reputation in the streets overshadowing his musical abilities frustrates him, the California-based rapper said, “It definitely bothers me, but I take the good with the bad. I’ve got a lot of fans worldwide. I’m not just like a local artist; I’ve been independent for a while. Everybody thinks I’m signed to G-Unit. G-Unit is my family, and that’s my affiliation. Yeah, I’m part of G-Unit, Infamous, all of that, but I started my own indie label called Zoo Life.

He added, “They talk more about what I’m doing outside of music than what I’m doing with the music…[and] it kind of bugs me, and then it don’t, ’cause that’s what this game is about.” Having released a 2005 album and worked with an assortment of artists, including 50 Cent and Dr. Dre, 40 Glocc reminded, “I’m a professional. It’s gonna pan out in the end.

Still, 40 hinted at new rumors, exclusively told to HipHopDX that Maino, Trick Trick and he might make a song parodying the trio’s headlines for taking other rappers’ jewelry by force. “It was inquired about. Maino is good folk; Trick Trick is good folk. I’ve never really dealt with Maino, but I’ve met Maino. Maino was cool. When you’re a real street person, you ride off of each other’s energy anyway. It was always cool, it was never no bullshit. As far as Trick Trick, I really fuck with Trick Trick.

The collaboration may happen after all. “There’s truth to the record. We inquired about it. It still might go down. It just depends on how we feelin’ and how we movin’.

As far as his 2009 album New World Order / N.W.A., 40 Glocc said he’s dropping more socio-political subject matter than critics may expect him to. “I’m taking a whole ‘nother approach. I’m going through a lot of litigation as far as the police. That’s another thing. They’re trying to ban my freedom of speech, telling me what I can and can’t say in the media, as far as my videos – gestures I can and can’t make. Basically, they’re telling me I can’t be a professional.

This was spawned from recent legislation in 40 Glocc‘s region. “They’ve got these things in Southern California called gang injunctions. What it is is another way around racial profiling. Usually, if you get stopped [because of your] color, it’s called racial profiling. When they file gang injunction on you, you don’t have to be a criminal or anything. They file it, and it’s a civil lawsuit and then it becomes [no restrictions] because you’re a gang member. They’re labeling us ‘urban terrorists.’ I’m going through that right now. That’s what’s influenced my album a lot. It’s made look at the government and everything.

As for the two titles of the project, 40 understands that “N.W.A.” is not an acronym New World Order, saying the second part was a reminder, “I’m that nigga with an attitude.

Albums like these are essential to west coast and gangsta rap’s roots, says 40 Glocc. Asked if the craft that icons like Schoolly D and Ice-T helped create, he responded, “[Gangster rap] is endangered because you don’t have real gangster rappers out there. Credibility has become an issue. It’s just weird. You’ve got people in tight clothes, skinny clothes, looking like girls. They buy womens clothes now… I seen some shit the other day. I seen Juelz Santana wearing a girl pouch and saying, ‘This unisex. This for everybody.’ You can’t put on a skirt and say this shit is unisex! [Laughs] The game is real crazy. You’ve got people dressin’ like women and sayin’ they Bloods or they Crips. It is endangered. I’m definitely a savior for that, as far as west coast rap goes. I’m like one of the only official [rappers] that’s been a part of shit. I’m gonna try to preserve it.

Before New World Order / N.W.A., 40 Glocc appear in this spring’s film Miss February, a casting role assisted by friend Mark Wahlberg. “They got me feelin’ like Denzel [Washington],” joked the rapper.