It appears to be a tradition of sorts. Beef is brewing between the G-Unit member 40 Glocc and others. 40, reportedly a Los Angeles Crip, took offense to Lil Wayne and Birdman and their alleged Blood ties.

According to 40, in a recent Hip Hop Weekly interview, he and his people stopped Weezy and Baby while they were rolling around L.A. and approached them about this. This “ambush” was not pleasing to the Cash Money Millionaires. Now, 40 is claiming that a hit has been placed on his life and the beef is taking on a life of its own.

These niggas be wolfin’ all that Blood shit and dissin’ Crips. When Baby started gang bangin’, at 52? And Lil’ Wayne started gang bangin’ at twenty-somethin’. These niggas got the audacity to be dissin’ a whole culture they don’t know nothin’ about!” touted the man who released That New Nigga last year.

In regards to a hit on his life, 40 claims to not be scared.

Go ‘head put the price on it. Now I’m gon’ beat the breaks off their asses when I see them again. We kill each other over a color so what you think we’ll do to them over dissin’ us?

40 also takes offense to former G-Unit members Young Buck and The Game.

Fuck these niggas wit’ the fake Crippin‘ and Bloodin’, that nigga Buck be fake Crippin‘. I call him, Game and Wayne “the Three Amigos.” he added, having released a song recently of the same name [click to listen].

The diatribe comes just over two months after 40 Glocc reportedly stole Lil Wayne‘s affiliate, Tyga‘s chain [click to read].