Gina Conway pled guilty to manslaughter and armed robbery charges earlier this week, after being questioned for her role in a 2006 robbery allegedly involving former Diplomat member Max B.

Various news sources in the New Jersey area report that Conway helped orchestrate the robbery of David Taylor and Allan “Jay” Plowden. Conway alleges that she later told her boyfriend, Max B. (government name Charly Wingate), that Taylor and Plowden “drove flashy cars and carried a lot of cash.” Conway‘s story hinges on her contention that Max B. later recruited two other men to rob Taylor and Plowden.

Plowden and Taylor were robbed of over $30,000 worth of cash and personal effects in a Fort Lee hotel on September 22, 2006. During the botched robbery Plowden was bound with duct tape, and Taylor was killed by a gunshot to the head.

Public records show that on January 9, 2007 Max B. was remanded to Bergen County Jail in New Jersey on a $2 million bail. At the time of the arrest the Newark newspaper The Star-Ledger reported local prosecutors were holding the rapper under suspicion of organizing the attempted robbery. When the initial allegations were made Max B.‘s lawyer maintained that his client was out of the state.

Conway has since told prosecutors that she and Kelvin Leerdam orchestrated the robbery. Her sentencing takes place on March 21, and she could face a total of up to 18 years in prison. The Star-Ledger also reports Leerdam and Max B are both charged with murder. Their cases are pending in Superior Court in Hackensack, New Jersey.