Way back in 2007, when legendary deejay and producer, Marley Marl announced the production of the Juice Crew biopic [click to read] which would tell the story of the classic Queens-based group, fans were for the most part, juiced. The film, aptly titled, The Vapors after Biz Markie’s ’88 hit single, encountered setbacks when rumors circulated, suggesting production to be at a standstill. In opposition to these rumors, Marley assured that the project would still be moving forward [click to read].

The Juice Crew helped to start the careers of rappers Roxanne Shante, Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, MC Shan, and Masta Ace. In addition to releasing essential singles, the Juice Crew was also known, for MC Shan’s infamous beef with KRS-One.

Despite funding troubles and minor creative conflicts, rumors continued to circulate about the cast of the film. Keke Palmer, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Clifton Powell were reportedly cast for the roles of Roxanne Shante, Marley Marl, and DJ Mr. Magic respectively, and rumors that David Banner, Nas, Talib Kweli, Idris Elba, and others would be involved in the film created an air of excitement.

Last year, KRS-One confirmed, “The movie kind of collapsed. I spoke to Talib Kweli, who was supposed to be playing Scott La Rock and I was going to coach him through that but then the movie collapsed on his end. I spoke to Biz Markie yesterday because the movie was supposed to be called The Vapors and asked Biz ‘What’s up?’ I guess they didn’t get the response they wanted. A press release was sent out that didn’t have anything [confirming the production], but it got people hyped and supportive—but no money came with it. That’s the last I heard.”

According to Woooha.com, production for the film has officially been canceled due to the lack of funding. Many of the actors have moved on to other projects, and director Furquaan Clover‘s attempts at raising money have not proven successful. After waiting almost a year and a half for pre-production to begin, many will be disappointed to hear that the Juice Crew story will not be told. Marley Marl has yet to go on record about the scrapping of the film.