As reported by Trinidad and Tobago’s newspaper Newsday, actress and
rapper/singer Queen Latifah [click to read] was robbed out of close to $10,000 worth of
jewelry this week in Tobago’s Stone Haven Villas.

Consisting of a bracelet, two gold rings, a gold chain and a silver
ring, the $10,000 worth of jewelry was discovered missing on Monday
(December 29).

In Tobago to celebrate the holidays, the
35-year-old discovered her jewelry was missing shortly after attending
a barbeque brunch held in her honor. A search was conducted, but police
were eventually called in once the jewelry could not be located.

According to police there was no sign of forced entry leading them
to believe that the theft was an inside job made by one of the grounds

Several searches are being carried out and the police
are trying to have the jewelry returned to Queen Latifah,
” Tobago’s
police commissioner James Philbert told Newsday. “Investigators said
the larceny seems to be an inside job and efforts are being made round
the clock to make a breakthrough.

Reward money may possibly be put up by Queen Latifah due to the fact that the jewelry had a “sentimental value” to her.

According to the villas staff, Queen Latifah is no longer staying at the Stone Haven Villas.

In the past few months, Tobago has seen an increase in crime
including theft which has had an adverse affect on tourism on the