Although speculation was widespread that Jay-Z would be releasing The Blueprint 3 this year, the Brooklyn emcee practically confirmed that it would not be coming out in 2008. Kanye West, who is producing at least a portion of the album, spoke on the matter.

I mean, it’s phenomenal,” said ‘Ye, according to MTV News. “We went in and we done
the whole album. He wanted to do a few more joints, so he kinda pushed
it back. Now we’re gonna go in and just work on some more records. So I
got some more stuff to kill it with! I think [Jay pushed the album back
because] ‘Swagger’ just did so incredible. We wanted to go up [and make
sure] everything was on that level

Kanye also took some time to discuss the the initial follow-up to Graduation, Good Ass Job. Ditching the school theme for 808s & Heartbreaks, Kanye hasn’t decided whether he would return to his originally planned LP at some point.

Well, I wouldn’t put the pressure on myself to do another album; it’s
like whatever happens, happens. I’m still thinking of
a lot of music. I mean, I’m thinking of a lot of lyrics, and if it
comes to me, I just go into the studio and do it and then drop it now.
So it’s not a whole bunch of gimmicks and marketing, I let the other
people do the marketing. … I’m just like, ‘Dude, just figure out how
to put the music out.’