The ever popular Diplomat member Juelz Santana had been missing in action, prior to renegotiating his deal with Def Jam [click to read]. After boasting to that his Skull Gang Takeover mixtape was downloaded 700,000 times during its initial week of release, Juelz made a stop at Shade 45‘s Lip Service radio show to talk about his new musical direction and address a few lingering rumors.

When asked if was banned from Def Jam offices for assaulting an employee, Juelz gave Leah Rose and Angela Yee the classic non-denial denial.

“I was always allowed in there,” Juelz responded. “I had a little incident for about a month, but I’m good in there. They had me out of there for a minute, and then they told me I could come back. The person I actually had the incident with got fired. I guess they recognized his bullshit.”

Alleged beatdowns aside, the Dipset and Skull Gang member briefly addressed his new situation and how his new crew compares to the original Diplomats.

“It’s just like how [in the Diplomats] you had me, Cam, Jimmy, Hell Rell and everybody that participated in building and structuring the things we did,” said Juelz. “We’ve got four front line people: John Depp, Starr, Richmond Rabbit and Unkasa. I don’t recruit. It’s pretty much a family thing of people that have been with me for years. Now I’m in a situation to put them in a nice situation and extend my helping hand. I knew a lot of people wanted to hear from Juelz Santana. We had some technical difficulties, but we worked through that. I’m good, I’m free and I done learned so much at a young age.”

A completed album-length effort from Juelz Santana and Skull Gang is expected to be released in 2009.