Rapper Snoop Dogg has teamed up with British Trip Hop group Massive Attack for “Calling Mumia,” a song for Mumia Abu-Jamal that will be included in the soundtrack for the documentary In Prison My Whole Life.

Abu-Jamal was sentenced to the death penalty in 1982 after being convicted for shooting police officer Daniel Faulkner. Abu-Jamal maintains his position that the shooting was in self-defense, and he is currently a prisoner at the State Correctional Institution Greene in Pennsylvania. Currently, none of Abu-Jamal‘s appeals have been settled.

Founded in 1987, Massive Attack are considered Trip Hop pioneers combining Hip Hop, soul, and techno. They have gone on to release close to 10 albums including Blue Lines, Mezzanine, and Collected.

Massive Attack is no stranger to protest/awareness songs. In “False Flags,” Massive Attack‘s 3D raps, “In school I would just bite my tongue/ And now your words they strike me down/ The flags are false and they contradict/ They point and click which wounds to lick.”

Aside from Snoop Dogg, Massive Attack has also worked with RJD2, Mos Def, Madonna, and others.

In Prison My Whole Life opens this weekend in the UK.