Grammy-nominated producer Jason “Pit” Pittman is best known for his edgy production on the hit single “Party Like A Rockstar” by The Shop Boyz [click to read]. The ‘07 chart topper, performed by the Atlanta trio, was one of the most played song of that year, making its way onto the video game NBA Live ‘08, and even attracting artists like Lil Wayne, Jim Jones, and Chamillionaire to create remixes.

Now, Jason Pittman is looking to create another smash record. Recently, he has set up shop in a Miami music studio in an effort to produce potential singles for Fat Joe [click to read], Flo Rida, and T-Pain [click to read].

Winner of a BMI Urban Award and nominated for a BET Award, Pit is no stranger to the Hip Hop world. Partnering up with Josh Butler and Steve Fisher of 11th Street Studios to form the team called The Haters, Pit hopes to create a record akin to the success of “Party Like A Rockstar.”

Reported by Salima Koroma.