Support for Snoop Dogg’s campaign to gain entry into Australia after being temporarily banned [click to read] came from a perhaps unlikely source, as Academy-award winning actor Russell Crowe pleaded with the Australian authorities via a letter sent earlier this month.

Last year, Snoop was banned from Australia by then-Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews for his past criminal convictions for drug and weapons offenses.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Crowe, who has been friends with the rapper for three years, wrote that Snoop should be allowed to perform in the country later in the year.

I submit to you that Snoop Dogg poses no threat to Australia or to any individual in this country,” wrote Crowe, who was born in New Zealand but moved to Australia when he was four.

He has toured here three times before without incident and there
are no reasons to assume this tour will be anything but the positive
experience the last three have been.

Snoop has built a stellar reputation with promoters and audiences worldwide.”

In the letter, Crowe also wrote about Snoop’s charity work, and that the rapper has pledged to make an appearance at a charity event for the South Sydney Rugby League Club.

Some of our First Grade players will attend with him and he will
deliver a powerful and positive message about rising through adversity,
drawing on his own underprivileged background as an example,

As you can imagine, such a visit will have a phenomenal effect.”