After weeks of anticipation and a significant amount of Internet trash
talk, The Game [click to read] and Bow Wow [click to read] finally met at a remote location hosted by
Konsole Kingz in Hollywood to determine the better Madden 2009 player;
at stake were $100,000 in prize money and the title of champion.

Prior to the match, Bow Wow sat down with HipHopDX to discuss his
thoughts on Madden, the upcoming match (with the utmost confidence),
and his upcoming album. Better still, The Game sat in a separate room for
some pre-game warm-up, only to emerge with a football helmet to check Bow

With both rappers ready, they entered the game room with their
respective entourages. The Game‘s getup was far more impressive,
sporting a football helmet, mouthguard, and grease paint. Within
minutes, it was determined that the two teams (Bow Wow‘s Cincinnati Bengals and
Game‘s New England Patriots) would play at Gillette Stadium in the snow. Bow
seemed most concerned about the series of events, which foreshadowed
his eventual downfall.

Within minutes, The Game‘s Patriots forced a fumble and scored not
long after. Bow Wow never recovered, continuing to fumble and throw
interceptions as the game went on. In front of The Game‘s Black Wall
, Bow Wow‘s entourage, Jermaine Dupri [click to read] (who watched quietly in
disbelief, only speaking up to question Bow Wow‘s choice to play as the
Cincinnati Bengals
) and assorted media.

The Game went on to crush Bow
55-23. For the most part, Bow Wow took the loss in stride, though
it should be mentioned that Bow Wow tried to forfeit in the second
quarter and claimed on multiple occasions that The Game was abusing a
glitch in the game with his Hit Stick. (Note: Bow Wow told HipHopDX
only an hour earlier that the Hit Stick was his favorite feature of the

There was talk of a rematch to take place in Ohio (Bow Wow‘s home state) but as of yet, nothing is confirmed.