With a dissatisfaction with the state of Hip Hop seemingly at an all time, another veteran emcee is weighing in on the game in the 21st century. In a recent interview with The Press Association, Method Man says that Hip Hop was better in the ’90s—and backs up his allegation by citing several artists.

The music was way more grounded than it is today. Today, you don’t feel the movement. Back then, you felt the movement,” he says.

While many artists today say they have “movements” of their own, Method Man elaborates on what he meant. “I mean, the whole Hip Hop movement. Like when Wu-Tang Clan came in, it was like regardless of where we went, people knew who we were. Or if we were in a new city, there was one person who knew who we was, and that would spread to 10 more people, and so on and so forth, up until it was, ‘Oh, you ain’t up on that Wu-Tang stuff? Oh you ain’t down homie!’

For those who want to accuse Meth of having an east coast bias, he also shouts out several pioneers of southern and west coast Hip Hop.

Same thing with Cash Money, No Limit, Death Row – it goes on and on, all these movements. You don’t have that any more.