Those who have seen The Game‘s “My Life” video [click to view] have noticed The Game‘s statement making t-shirt. In the clip, which also features Lil’ Wayne, The Game wears a shirt that reads: “Hip Hop broke my heart.” Recently, he spoke about the shirt, what it truly means to him and opened up about his experience with Lil Wayne in the studio.
“The Hip Hop that I’m used to was the Hip Hop that ‘Express Yourself’ came out of, and ‘Fight the Power,'” he said of the shirt to MTV. “When KRS was big. When ‘The Bridge Is Over’ was big. When it was a dis song, but it wasn’t a beef song. When the nature of Hip Hop was beautiful. No matter what the face of it was that day, the outcome was always dope, man. From the Spice 1s to the Kool G Raps, that’s what I miss. When Hip Hop evolved and changed and got thrown in a bucket of Kool-Aid, somebody threw too much sugar in it. Now it tastes a little funny. That’s why I say Hip Hop broke my heart. When I got in, I thought it would preserve itself long enough to at least let me see the Hip Hop I was used to, the Hip Hop I fell in love with. But it didn’t do that. Hip Hop left the job for me to continue on and still pay homage to the way of old. Me and Hip Hop be beefing sometimes, but no matter what face hip-hop makes, I’m gonna evolve with it.”
His track with Lil Wayne has been garnering a lot of attention. Now, with the official video finally out, the two are celebrating their work together.
“When you’re in the studio with Wayne, you could pretty much chill, man, because everything is so easy. He’s so melody-driven. Once he hits you with an idea, or I come up with an idea, we’re straightforward, man. The process is easy. I think me and him could do an album probably in, like, seven days. A classic album! He keeps it 100, I keep it 100. We’re both talented MCs. I appreciate him in hip-hop.”
He went on about why he respects Wayne so much. Still, he had to add that competitive spirit in the mix.
“I like the way he evolved. If you go back to little Lil Wayne to now, you can see the dramatic changes. He’s everywhere. What the f— can you do besides come behind him? I don’t ever put nobody before myself. I feel I’m the greatest alive, I hold it down. But Wayne, he’s got it right now. So I don’t mind stepping behind for a minute until it’s my turn. When it’s my turn, my album’s gonna run his down, and we’ll go at it again next time.”
L.A.X. is said to include guest spots from Ice Cube, Raekwon, Ludacris, Ne-Yo, Common and Travis Barker among others. The album is said to be released next week, on August 26.