On the final day of the TJs DJs/Ozone Awards weekend an altercation took place during the 2008 Awards between Houston rappers Mike Jones and Trae the Truth. HipHopDX was on hand to witness the aftermath between the rappers who apparently have had tension for quite some time. As artists and media congregated in the press area, a commotion broke out and by the time everyone made it to the hallway, Jones was being pulled back while security rushed to the scene.

Shortly afterwards, Jones appeared on Houston’s 102 JAMZ to discuss the incident.

“It just really was a publicity stunt,” Jones explained. “Everybody seen that it was the perfect time to do this. They don’t have to pay for advertisements and promotion so he did that. Dude came and shook my hand and I guess he’s mad because I call myself the president – because I am the president of H-Town, I run this city.”

Jones then went on to explain exactly what happened between he and Trae.

“After we shook hands and had words, he went his way and I went my way. Next thing I know he snuck up behind me and tried to swing at me.”
The incident called for higher security inside and outside the venue but there was no other incidents at the Ozone Awards. As for Jones and Trae, this issue doesn’t seem to be dying anytime soon.

“I ain’t about to give nobody no fame, no publicity, no nothing. It’s going to get handled in the streets.”