Murs has been a busy man over the past year. While preparing his major label debut on Warner, Murs has been busy with his Paid Dues festival, working with his Living Legends crew and giving a free album to all of his fans [click to listen].

In preparation for Murs For President, Murray linked up with 9th Wonder for their third project together titled Sweet Lord [click to read review]. But with such a hectic schedule, why a free album? HipHopDX caught up with Murs to discuss both projects.

“Sweet Lord was first and foremost a fan appreciation thing  and secondly a statement to all of those who said I sold out. It is me saying ‘here’ I’m giving away an album that could’ve generated a minimum of a quarter of a million dollars for me and 9th but I don’t make music for the money nor did I sign to Warner Bros for the money,” Murs explained to DX. “Hopefully the free download of Sweet Lord makes that abundantly clear.”

There have been some detractors of Murs signing with a major. Murs reveals why he made the move.

“I signed to Warner for the opportunity to compete with rappers on another level. To promote peace and love to a mainstream audience. To bring everything we represent in our indie Hip Hop world to the forefront and throw it in America’s face,” he continues.

So with that comes the long awaited major label debut from Murs titled Murs For President [click to hear the HipHopDX exclusive premier of “Can It Be”]. Some have wondered if it had political undertones. Murs has denied that it has anything to do with the upcoming election; but it does have to do with the current state of Hip Hop.

“That’s what my album Murs For President is. It is a literal shout out to the world. It’s me screaming out that, yes, the Hip Hop generation is intelligent. Yes, we do care. And at the same time we can still have fun while being decent human beings,” he says. “I am the fresh breath of air in an industry that is bereft of good human beings. Not only are they bad rappers but they are just bad people. What decent human makes songs about murdering other humans or selling poison to other people? The time for that BS is over! I’m taking a stand for our kids, our community and our culture. So if you’re looking for someone who represents positive, intelligent and fun rap music. Sept 30th vote Murs For President!”

Murs For President will be released via Warner on September 30th.