VH1 announced today (July 23) it will have three new original series premiering Monday, August 4.I Want To Work For Diddy, tracks 13 applicants as they compete to work for the music mogul. They’ll be challenged
emotionally, physically and mentally to earn the “privilege” of being
Diddy‘s minion.As some might recall, Diddy held a world-wide YouTube hunt for his next assistant, who was then announced on The Oprah Winfrey Showmonths ago.But apparently with Diddy‘s growing success comes a growing need for assistance. Something tells us to stay tuned for many marathon hikes for cheesecake…

New York Goes To Hollywood” is the latest installment from reality-show star Tiffany
“New York” Pollard
from the hit Vh1 series I Love New York (the spin-off of Flavor Flav’s Flavor of Love). This time around, since finding love with Tailor Made on her last show, New York
is ready to take the next step of trying her hand at Hollywood stardom.
Follow her as she goes through the trials and tribulations of being a
little fish in a big pond.

Rounding out the new Monday night line-up isLuke’s Parental Advisory. One of Hip Hop’s original bad boys (and former member of 2 Live
) , Luther “Luke” Campbell
made his mark by challenging America’s judicial system in terms what is
classified as “obscenity” versus freedom of artistic expression with 2 Live Crew‘s 1989 hit album As Nasty As They Wanna Be. Now, in an ironic twist of fate, Luke is getting
a taste of his own medicine as he tries to protect his two children
from the often lewd media images of today, just as some parents tried to shield their children from the likes of 2 Live Crew. Watch as Luke,
now better known for his involvement in the porn industry than Hip Hop
music, tries to separate his raunchy adult entertainment business from
his family life.

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Over the past few years it seems as if Vh1 has continuously reached out to provide programming to the Hip Hop generation, from the Hip Hop Honors (which will debut its fifth edition on October 7th this year), to
the various documentaries on Hip Hop culture and artists, and now with
their new Monday night Line-up of reality shows featuring Diddy and Luke. A Vh1 representative acknowledges this shift in programming, telling DX, “About five years ago, Vh1
expanded its focus to include all facets of pop culture in addition to
music. Hip Hop now dominates pop culture, influencing everything from
music, to film, to television and fashion. As the music and pop culture
authority for adults, Hip Hop now has a natural home at Vh1

Vh1.com will sneak peek the first episode of each new series on Monday, July 28- One week before the on-air premiere.